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Illustration showing a large red arrow over a profile image for a Facebook page, inside a blue hash line. Having the correct size and aspect ratio for Facebook images is key to increase engagement. Ultimate guide to Facebook image sizes.

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Image Sizes in 2024

Samantha Scott

Jan 5, 2024

Although Facebook has more competition now than it used to, it’s still the largest social media site, by monthly active users. So you can still reach and engage audiences on Facebook by sharing high-quality, relevant content. 

Eye popping imagery and video are extremely important content types for any brand trying to build engagement today. Image sizes on Facebook vary, so it’s always important to check and make sure that you’re optimizing for multiple devices, and have the correct aspect ratios.

Ready? Let’s dive in 😎...

Facebook Profile Photo Image Size

Profile Photo: 180x180 pixels

Your Facebook profile photo is the main, square image that represents your brand or personal profile. It appears layered over the cover photo. Facebook now offers bits of “flair” that you can add to your profile picture to show your support of social justice causes, celebrate seasons, and more.

The Facebook profile photo also appears when you post over page walls or when you comment on other posts. 

Social media dimensions for a Facebook profile picture:

  • 180x180 px on desktop
  • 128x128 px on mobile devices 
  • 32x32 px as a thumbnail

On desktop, Facebook profile pictures are located 16 pixels from the left and 176 pixels from the top of your cover photo.

On smartphone devices, profile pictures are located 24 pixels from the left, 24 pixels from the bottom and 196 pixels from the top of your cover photo.

Facebook Business Page Profile Photo Size

Business Page Profile Photo: 360x360 pixels

Screenshot showing where a Facebook business page profile image is.

There are a few similarities between a personal profile picture and your Facebook Business Page but there are certain characteristics that will make your Facebook business page profile image stand out more on the platform.

Dimensions for business profile picture on Facebook:

  • 360x360 px (minimum dimensions are 180x180 px)
  • 170x170 px on desktop
  • 128x128 px on mobile devices 
  • 32x32 px as a thumbnail
  • The image will be cropped to fit a square

Facebook Cover Photo Size

Cover Photos: 820x312 pixels

Screenshot showing a Facebook cover image on a business profile

Facebook cover photos, also called banner images, only appear on your specific Facebook page, layered behind your profile picture

While your profile picture may be an image of yourself or your brand logo, your cover photo is a space where you can get creative and include your brand tagline, a product photo, or anything else that speaks to who you are. 

Image specs for Facebook cover photos:

  • Displays at 820x312 px on desktop 
  • Displays at 640x360 px on mobile devices
  • For the best results, ensure that you upload an sRGB JPG file that is less than 100 KB.
  • If your cover photo includes an image or text, a PNG file is recommended.

Important tip: images less than the optimal size will be stretched.

Facebook Shared Image Size

Shared Image: 1200x630 pixels

Screenshot showing the size of a Facebook shared image on a profile.

As one of the common ways of sharing content on Facebook, shared images as posts will always appear on your timeline and should show up in most of your followers’ news feeds

The more people engage with your shared post, the more likely it is that the rest of your followers, and their followers, will see that activity. So it’s important to make sure that your shared Facebook images are eye-catching!

Dimensions for images in Facebook posts:

  • 1200x630 px
  • Shared images appear in the news feed at a maximum width of 470 px 
  • Scales to a maximum aspect ratio of 1:1
  • Appears on a Facebook page at a maximum width of 504 px

Shared Link: 1200x628 pixels 

Example of a link preview snippet image size on Facebook

When you share a Facebook post with a link, you can allow the automatic snippet view to populate, as opposed to adding your own image to the post. This is a great way to encourage clicks, since the entire image essentially becomes a link. 

Link snippets on Facebook appear either as a small square image to the left and text on the right, or with a larger rectangular image on top with text underneath. How your snippet populates depends on how you set up the meta information when producing a landing page or blog page.

  • 1200x628 px upload size
  • Square Photo in feed: 154x154 px minimum in feed
  • Square Photo on page: 116x116 px minimum on page
  • Rectangular Photo: 470x246 px minimum in feed
  • Rectangular Photo: 484x252 px minimum on page

Facebook will also scale photos under the minimum dimensions. For the best results, increase the image resolution at the same scale as the minimum size.

Facebook Event Cover Image Size

Event Image: 1920x1005 pixels

Image showing an event page on Facebook, header photo size

Having an image to accompany your Facebook Event will help gain your audiences' attention. Reminders are sent to audiences who show interest in your event so make sure that you have the right image for the Facebook Event cover photo. 

Dimensions for Event header images on Facebook:

  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • 1920x1005 px is the recommended size
  • Scales down to the minimum social media dimensions of 470×174 px in feed

Facebook Stories Image Size

Stories Image: 1080 x 1920 pixels

Using Facebook Stories is a great way to repurposing content and capturing more engagement.

  • Creating Stories on Facebook is similar to creating Instagram Stories, and the image size is the same. 
  • On mobile the aspect ratio of a Facebook Story is 16:9, which takes up the full screen.

Facebook Ads Image Sizes

If you’re marketing on Facebook, it’s a good idea to use ads as well as organic posts to boost your reach. There are several different types of ads on Facebook, and to help increase your conversion rate, make sure the imagery is sharp, on brand, and your CTAs are clear.

Here are the image specs you should follow when using Facebook Ads:

Facebook Feed Ad Image Sizes

Also called a photo ad, feed ads on facebook look like posts that you share to your timeline. They’re designed to blend in with the normal news feed.

  • 600x600 px maximum size
  • Resolution should be at least 1080x1080

Carousel ads on Facebook are useful to showcase products and collections, and they can include a purchase link. You can include up to 10 images.

  • 600x600 px maximum size
  • 120x120 px for videos
  • Resolution should be at least 1080x1080

Facebook Video Ad (In-stream) Image Sizes

A video ad on Facebook is similar to a feed ad; it shows up like a normal post on the news feed.

  • 4GB is the maximum file size for video ads
  • 120x120 px
  • 1080x1080 minimum resolution

Facebook Stories Ad Image Sizes

You can also share ads to your Facebook Stories. This is a smaller space to work with, so Story ads on Facebook should be attention grabbing and enticing to encourage engagement.

Your ad can include up to 3 image cards.

Each card in a Facebook Story ad should be:

  • 500 px wide
  • 1080x1080 minimum resolution

Facebook Column Ad Image Sizes

A right column ad on Facebook shows up on desktop, on the right side of the screen, when scrolling the main news feed. Mobile users do not see right column ads on Facebook.

These are the recommended sizes for column ads:

  • 1:1 ratio
  • 600x600 px maximum size for images
  • 120x120 pm maximum size for video
  • 1080x1080 minimum resolution

Facebook Marketplace Ad Image Sizes

Facebook Marketplace is a very popular feature, where users can buy and sell goods. So it’s also an ideal place to set up your ads. 

The specs for Marketplace ads are the same as for right column ads:

  • 1:1 ratio
  • 600x600 px maximum size for images
  • 120x120 pm maximum size for video
  • 1080x1080 minimum resolution

Learn more: Marketing with Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Collection Ad Image Sizes

A collection ad on Facebook provides a unique shopping experience for users. The ad shows up like a multi-image Facebook post on the news feed. But when a user clicks on an image from the ad, they are taken to a full-screen experience (called Instant Experience).

From here they can “watch videos, swipe through photos in a carousel, view products in your catalog, explore images with tagged products and tap buttons to go to other web pages.” (

Collection ads use the same image specs as column and Marketplace ads:

  • 1:1 ratio
  • 600x600 px maximum size for images
  • 120x120 pm maximum size for video
  • 1080x1080 minimum resolution

And there you have it! All the Facebook image sizes you need to run an effective Facebook marketing strategy

For social media sizes on other platforms, be sure to check out our blog and infographic of all social media image sizes.

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