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Boost Your Influencer Marketing with Our Top 5 NGO Influencers

Perri Robinson

Mar 8, 2020

Connecting with influencers is a win-win! Influencer marketing helps to raise brand awareness and improve credibility by association with industry leaders. Through influencer marketing, we can connect with experts that have a large following and therefore reach. It’s important to tap into our influencer’s audiences as they are likely to be relevant to our brand.

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How to start your NGO influencer marketing strategy?

First of all, using the leading Influencer Marketing platform Klear makes influencer marketing a whole lot easier!

Step 1: Discover

Using the influencer contact database, we can search a keyword related to our industry such as “Non-governmental organisation” (NGO) and scroll through the different search results. We can also refine the influencer contact database search further using other filters to remove unwanted content. Results can be listed according to a specific date range, for example, if we wanted to find influencers that have written articles in the past month, then we can do so using the date drop-down menu. The influencer contact database tool allows it to be very easy to discover influencers we otherwise may not be able to find. It also saves us time that we would spend manually searching for influencers or waiting for word-of-mouth to take effect.

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Step 2: Listen

Don’t take our word for it, find out for yourself! We can dig deeper into the results by opening the influencer’s content and finding out what they’ve been writing about. This provides us with a great talking point when we do engage with our influencers – something that’s needed for relationship building.

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Step 3: Engage

With our influencer contact database tool, we can quickly find the contact details of influencers, and then the world is our oyster!

By clicking on the influencer’s name, the tool will bring up contact details including email, phone numbers, and social media profile pages, allowing us to engage with them in any way we see fit. With one-click access to contact details, we save time doing detective work on Google and social media.

Any contacts that we want to save for future influencer marketing campaigns can be added to a list, which can be filtered by location, beats and job roles. We can ultimately stay on top of our PR by sending out press releases to our selected contacts via the Meltwater media database. So we don’t even have to copy and paste details into a separate software, the platform does all the work!

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Step 4: Measure

To measure the ROI of our influencer marketing relationships, the influencer database tool measures key analytics such as open rate, click to open rate, and the number of contacts who have unsubscribed to the release. By giving us metrics and information on how engaged the recipients are, we can analyse the exact impact our press releases are having on our targeted influencers, which helps to improve our future influencer marketing strategy.

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Who should we be following in the NGO space?

We used the influencer contact database tool to find 5 top people that have influence in the NGO sector. Get up to scratch with influencer marketing with our list of top NGO influencers to follow and connect with!

  1. Duncan Green @fp2p
    Duncan is Oxfam’s Senior Strategic Advisor, who writes informative blogs daily on Oxfam’s website, ranging from world inequality to critiquing a project proposal. With over 30k followers, Duncan is at the top of our NGO influencers list.
  2. John Vidal @john_vidal
    John is the Guardian’s Environment Editor, generating content regarding all things environmental. With many of his articles including charities and NGO’s, John has been placed in our top 5 NGO influencers list. Follow him and his community for a pick of environmental content!
  3. Howard Lake @howardlake
    Being the Owner and Publisher of UK Fundraising, Howard has accumulated a strong following through providing valuable content. UK Fundraising is a go-to guide for news on charity events, fundraising tips and advice, and forums.
  4. Graham Walker @GW1962
    Often writing about charities and NGO-related events for Johnston Press, Graham is one of our top influencers in the NGO segment. If you we want to read great content about important charitable events and news, Graham is our man!
  5. David Leask @LeaskyHT
    As the Chief Reporter for The Herald, David covers many topics including regional news, politics, and crime, with many of his stories including news and information about charities. As a result, David is one of our top NGO influencers so why not give him a follow?!

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