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A woman holding a laptop, looking at images of Meltwater's 2023 Winter Product Release

The 8 Biggest New Meltwater Features in our 2023 Winter Release

Lance Concannon

Nov 2, 2023

This October, we revealed our 2023 Winter Release, updating the Meltwater suite of solutions with a wide range of new features as well as enhancements to existing features. 

Meltwater users will notice improvements across the entire suite. Whether you work in PR and communications, social, consumer insights, or any other marketing role, you’ll find upgrades that help you save time and get better results than ever before. So, let’s take a look at the eight biggest improvements in the 2023 Winter release.

Table of Contents

1) Improved Media Database

Meltwater Improved media database screenshot as part of the Winter Release 2023

Our database of media contacts has been expanded to more than twice its previous size and now includes more advanced search features, making it easier to find exactly the right contacts. We’ve also implemented a new AI-powered system that helps us keep the database more up-to-date and relevant than ever before.

Who it’s for: PR and media relations professionals, both in-house and agency. 

The benefit: This improvement will reduce the time it takes to build target media lists for outreach programs and ensure you always find the most relevant contacts for your campaign.

2) Enhanced PR Insight Reports

Meltwater Enhanced PR Insight Reports

Build your PR reports directly in Meltwater more quickly and with greater flexibility to customize or remove content. New AI summaries give you a natural language explanation of the key drivers behind both positive and negative sentiment coverage.

Who it’s for: PR and media relations professionals, both in-house and agency. 

The benefit: Reporting is essential to prove the value of your work and show the success of your campaigns. These improvements help you build better, more impactful reports, tailored to each stakeholders’ requirements, in much less time, so you can get back to promoting and protecting your brand.

3) Earned Media Dashboards

Meltwater Earned media dashboard.

Our new dashboards provide a comprehensive view of your earned media analytics with industry-standard KPIs alongside your own customizable metrics. This provides a central, single source of truth for keeping track of your comms performance on a daily basis. 

Who it’s for: Data analysts, PR and media relations professionals, both in-house and agency, and CMOs.

The benefit: Measuring PR has always been challenging, but our new dashboards provide a simple yet highly flexible way of tracking the performance of your brand and campaigns so you can instantly see what’s working well and where you can improve. 

4) AI Insight Explainer

Meltwater AI Insight Explainer screenshot.

Using our own Large Language Model (LLM) technology, our Radarly consumer insights tool can now give you a natural language explanation of any new trends and insights it detects in whatever topics are being tracked in your dashboards. 

Who it’s for: Insights professionals, market researchers, planners, strategists, CMOs.

The benefit: Analyzing patterns in data takes time and skill, but now the Insight Explainer helps you to quickly understand what the data is telling you, so you can take action faster and reduce the chances of missing opportunities.

5) Salesforce Integration

Meltwater Salesforce Integration screenshot.

Social media is often the first place people go to share their complaints about a brand, ask for help, and sometimes post positive experiences too. Meltwater’s social media management tool, Engage, now integrates with Salesforce to help you streamline your efforts and deliver better social media customer support.

Who it’s for: Social media managers, customer service and customer experience managers. 

The Benefit: When customers reach out to your brand for help, or just to voice a complaint, on social media, having Salesforce and Engage talking to each other seamlessly makes it much easier for your business to deliver exceptional customer experiences and save time. Learn more about the Salesforce Social Studio sunset.

6) Improved UGC Management

Screenshot of the MeltwaterUGC Management Application as part of the Winter Release 2023

Our social listening tool, Explore, can now identify User-Generated Content that is directly relevant to your saved searches in news and social. You can import the content into our social media management tool along with a reference of the original author so that it can be edited and published across your owned channels.

Who it’s for: Social media managers.

The benefit: Keeping your owned social channels fueled with fresh and authentic content is difficult, and UGC can play a vital role in your content strategy. This new capability makes identifying, editing, and sharing UGC easier than ever. Plus, user-generated content often performs the best!

7) Unified Enterprise Dashboard

Meltwater Unified Enterprise Dashboard as part of the Winter Release 2023

Meltwater’s new Unified Enterprise Dashboard provides a 360-degree, real-time view of the performance of your marketing activities across your paid, earned media, earned social and owned social channels, connecting to our suite of solutions including Explore, Engage, and Radarly.

Who it’s for: CMOs and other senior business leaders.

The benefit: This dashboard gives you a complete, intuitive view of how all of your marketing activity is performing, empowering you to demonstrate the ROI of your marketing spend with a high degree of confidence in the underlying data.

8) Content Clusters

Illustration of Meltwater AI content clusters feature.

We’ve introduced a new bubble chart visualization to our Content Clusters widget, which uses AI to read, group, and categorize thousands of related new stories and social media conversations. By visualizing the relevant and emerging themes across your searches, Content Clusters gives you a more complete view of your dataset.

Who it’s for: PR and comms professionals, social media managers, insights professionals.

The benefit: A picture paints a thousand words, and using our new Content Clusters visualization will help our users quickly understand what their data is telling them, getting to the root of complex and fast-moving issues in seconds compared to hours.

This is just a taste of the new features we’re most excited about in Meltwater’s 2023 Winter Release, but our team has worked on so many more improvements, big and small, to make our suite of solutions more powerful, easier to use, and better value for our customers. You can read more about the enhancements included in this release here.

Want to see the new Meltwater features in action? Fill out the form below to arrange a personalized demonstration from one of our experts.