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Meltwater scales ROI for enterprise.

Don't just move the needle. Coordinate across global offices and teams from a single source of truth, enabling big leaps forward in strategy and results.

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Maximize success and minimize missed opportunities.

When operating at the enterprise level, coordination can get unwieldy. If you lose visibility, inaccuracies occur. The ripple effects from suboptimal solutions take time away from your day-to-day, let alone strategic planning. A global approach to business requires a centralized system. Meltwater is your single source of truth for marketing, PR, sales intelligence and social media.

Exponential growth hinges on global alignment.

Our suite of solutions was made to streamline your processes and reduce human error.

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Streamline Executive Reporting.

You regular reports are created and shared with stakeholders on autopilot, while your ad-hoc reports can be built quickly and easily, saving time and money.

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Keep Costs Under Control.

With a product suite that covers PR, social media and consumer insights, you can simplify your tech stack, keeping training and license costs to a minimum.

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Built for Cross Collaboration.

Customizable workflows and role-based dashboards make it easy for everybody to focus on their tasks and collaborate seamlessly, even across departments.

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Establish Consistent Metrics.

When tracking data from multiple sources Meltwater makes it possible to compare metrics in a consistent way, ensuring accurate performance measurement.

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Integrate our Data with Yours.

Our industry leading API lets you integrate our data and analytics into your own applications to build platforms tailored to your unique requirements.

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Let's build your Meltwater suite.

You can start simple or integrate globally with our adaptive products that will meet you exactly where you are.