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How to Master Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Sector

Digital Transformation in the Finance Industry - Meltwater Masterclass

What is the Future of the Finance Industry?

The financial industry is in the midst of a season of change.

New social economies have emerged, driven by massive waves of cultural and political change, and accelerated by powerful technologies, such as blockchain, 5G, the Internet of Things, big data, AI, automation and XR. 

What can financial firms do to harness the potential of these emerging economies without being swept away by the changes?

In this Masterclass, Economist, Trend Analyst and Futurist, Bronwyn Williams, unpacks the future of the financial industry and explains the most important trends and technologies set to impact on the sector in the coming months and years. 

The aim is to give business leaders the actionable insights required to navigate the next season of disruption.

Watch this exclusive Masterclass to get key insights into how you can master digital transformation in the financial services sector.

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