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Top Female Influencers From Ukraine

Mar 8, 2022

As the war in Ukraine continues to unfold, social media has become a hub for receiving information, voicing outrage, and coming together in unity. These last two years have been extremely unpredictable, and social media has truly begun to imitate real life with content reflecting our immediate experiences.

On this Women’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some female influencers from Ukraine. Many of whom are now using their platforms for social activism and resource distribution. Our thoughts are with them, and we hope better days are to come.

Top Female Influencers From Ukraine:

1. @alisa___cooper: Food Influencer

Alisa is a food influencer who shares beautiful food recipes with her followers. From green bean salads to traditional Ukrainian dishes, her posts are beautiful and her recipes are always easy to follow. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Alisa’s posts have understandably taken a very different direction. She has been sharing her thoughts and asking for help from within her network.

Alisa has also updated the link in her bio to include resources for supporting refugees of the crisis and a link to a telegram chat. If you follow the link to the resource for supporting refugees you will arrive at Refugee Tinder, where those who need help are matched with those looking to help.

2. @saba.musina: Beauty Influencer

Sabina Musina is a fashion influencer and beauty influencer, who owns an international beauty bar, G Bar, with locations in over 10 countries. Following the Russian invasion, Sabina and her partner announced that they will be closing all G Bar branches across the Russian Federation. Additionally, Sabina included a link in bio to her telegram channel where she shares useful information with her followers and individuals can ask for help and usually receive help.

3. @mashaefrosinina: Lifestyle Influencer

Masha Efrosinina is a well-known Ukrainian actress and TV Host, owner of the popular clothing brand Mashsh and the Honorary Ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund. She shares glamorous photoshoots as well as candid moments with her family. Understandably, her content has taken a very different direction as these tragic events persist, but her support for mothers and children remains embedded in all that she does.

On February 18th she launched the Masha Foundation, a non-governmental organization that was established to foster a zero-tolerance attitude towards domestic violence in Ukrainian society. The organization has refocused during the war, now working to raise funds to purchase medicine, food, and humanitarian supplies for women, children, and the elderly.

4. @gudkova_alyona: Lifestyle Influencer

Alyona Gudkova is a Kyiv based content creator and CEO of @kurazh.kyiv (now on hiatus), a charity based flea-market with sunset parties, an inclusive children’s area, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, performances, and live entertainment. Beyond promoting her awesome brands, she and her chef-husband share honest content about their marriage and the joys (and struggles) of parenting.

It can be hard to imagine how parents of young children are dealing with the conflict. Yet, through her content Alyona shares some glimpses of the experience of a young parent in Ukraine. And, while tragic it’s extremely important to remember that the victims of this war are real people, who had real lives, like you and me, two weeks ago.

5. @nadyadorofeeva: Music and Lifestyle Influencer

Nadya Dorofeeva is a Ukrainian singer, known as DOROFEEVA. She was initially in a popular music duo, Vremya i Steklo, but branched out for a solo career which has also included a clothing line, a YouTube Channel, and judging on a popular Ukrainian reality show. Her fame has allowed her to establish a successful career as an influencer.

DOROFEEVA released her new single in mid-February, 2022, and was in the middle of promotion when the war broke out. She has been documenting her experience in Kyiv since the invasion, including a post of her receiving a call from her assistant who went missing for 30 hours, demonstrating the impact of the tragedy across all layers of Ukrainian society.