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International Women’s Day: Equal Pay and Brands We Love

Elise Yu

Mar 8, 2024

Every year on March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day. To be honest, growing up I had never heard of Women’s Day, it something that has only gained mass recognition in the last 10 years. However, Women’s Day dates back to early 20th century Russia, as a day to commemorate the contributions of Soviet women to the communist state. It wasn’t until the 1960s when feminists reclaimed Women’s Day as a day of activism, with some referring to it as “International Women’s Day of Struggle”. In 1977 the UN proclaimed March 8th International Women’s Day, and since 2010 there has been a real cultural shift in the discourse on gender inequality and women’s right.

So, here we are, International Women’s Day 2021. The world is definitely a different place than it was in 1913. We may have Instagram, nanotechnology, and Netflix, unfortunately, gender inequality still exists.

Pay Inequality in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a young industry. It is still growing in terms of industry standards, data practices, and strategy. But, like any industry young or old, influencer marketing has a gender pay issue that cannot be ignored.

Chart showing the influencer gender pay gap difference between 2020 and 2021

In 2020, we identified a significant pay gap between male and female influencers, with women likely to earn $128 less than men. It appears that in Q1 of 2021 the pay-gap has shrunk significantly to $40. However, the average rate for male influencers decreased by $108 and female rates by $20.

As influencers around the world are impacted by the current economic client, it is important to maintain practices of pay equity when entering a new collaboration. Women in influencer marketing, and around the world, deserve more respect. And, in the words of Lauryn Hill, “respect is just the minimum.” We deserve equality.

Women-Owned Brands Rocking Influencer Marketing

So, how can we promote change? By promoting women’s voices and giving space and recognition to women’s brands. To be honest, we all know who runs the world. But, in honor of Women’s Day here are some wonderful women-owned brands, running innovative influencer campaigns that you should have on your radar today and every day!

Below are three wonderful brands with unique influencer marketing strategies that highlight the diversity and complexity of the ecosystem.

1. Savage X Fenty By Rihanna

Rihanna really needs no introduction. The singer turned entrepreneur is one of those people who just oozes cool, it seems like there is nothing she can’t effortlessly do well. And, now we can add influencer marketing to that list.

Savage x Fenty is Rihanna’s lingerie line that was launched in 2018. She is constantly collaborating with influencers, musicians, and public figures to promote the brand. The Savage x Fenty brand ambassadors’ range is body type, gender identity, and race to promote the diversity and inclusivity of the brand. And, in classic Rihanna fashion, they are all super cool.

 Savage X Fenty By Rihanna influencer campaign

2. Rouje

Rouje is one of those brands we love because it’s not just a women-run brand it’s an influencer-run brand. It’s a Paris-based fashion and beauty brand that offers all the ultimate chic-french girl essentials. The founder is Jeanne Damas, an OG fashion influencer. She started off with a blog. For those of you under 23, a blog is like Instagram but with more words. She then transitioned to social media, signed a modeling contract, starred in a few movies, and launched her own line Rouje.

It’s not a surprise that Jeanne, with other 1.4M Instagram followers, would be the perfect influencer to promote Rouje. When influencers are so synonymous with their brand it’s the ultimate marketing choice, as their followers have already subscribed to their values.

Rouje influencer campaign

3. Thinx

A huge trend we have observed is value-based influencer marketing. This is when brand values drive marketing decision-making and influencer collaborations. Thinx, a feminine hygiene brand puts values at the forefront of all that they do. In 2017, Forbes named Thinx one of the most innovative companies due to innovative marketing campaigns that create provocation and acceptance around products that are traditionally associated with shame. The brand partners with diverse influencers to promote inclusivity and break the taboo of talking about periods.

That’s what influencer marketing is all about inclusivity, authenticity, and the ability to stay true to one’s self why promoting brands you’re passionate about.

Thinx influencer campaign

Support Female Influencers

If your brand works with influencers, think about how you can better support female influencers this year. Be it benchmark rates for both male and female influencers, partnering with female influencers of color, or running a Women’s Day campaign. Change comes from within.

Want to learn how you can discover unique female influencers for your next campaign? Schedule a call with one of our influencer marketing experts. Happy Women’s Day!