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14 Reasons Why Companies Choose Meltwater for Media Monitoring

Alex Iversen

Mar 8, 2020

As a marketer, one of your many responsibilities includes monitoring online and traditional media channels to spot, understand, and identify trending topics online. But with millions of social media posts and blogs being published every single day, how are you supposed to keep track of everything? 

Well, to be honest, too many marketers simply are not, but a few have mastered the art of social media listening thanks to a media monitoring solution. That’s right: technology to the rescue!

A media monitoring platform, like Meltwater, can help even the busiest of marketers stay on top of the latest industry trends or generate campaign reports instantly. Beyond helping customers keep track of what’s being said about their brands online, our all-in-one communications platform allows customers to reach out to influencers and journalists to spark conversations.

So if you’re looking to understand how a media monitoring solution could help you improve your team’s workflows, we’ve gone ahead and outlined the top 14 reasons why over 30,000 enjoy using Meltwater.

Let’s take a closer look…

1. Our platform saves you time when distributing news internally and externally 

Meltwater’s most widely used services globally revolve around the sharing of news, whether that be internal or external. Our Newsletter feature allows teams to easily curate custom news briefs for their team or organization on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. By keeping your team up-to-date with the ongoing happenings of your organization, competitors, and industry, you’re able to remain competitive. 

Our Newsfeed feature allows companies to automate the sharing of news around their brand to anyone outside the four walls of their company by creating a direct feed from the Meltwater platform to your website. 

2. We offer an all-in-one communications platform

The Meltwater platform is the most comprehensive media monitoring solution in the industry. Our solution allows PR and marketing professionals to streamline their media monitoring, reporting, influencer outreach, and social engagement. 

By expanding our social media listening & social media management functionality, this truly made Meltwater an all-in-one communications solution for modern marketing teams. We are constantly expanding our services, partnerships and APIs to improve upon the functionality our clients have known & loved for years. 

3. Our customer service is world-class

As a result of our growth strategy, we have developed a highly dedicated customer service team around the world. For customers, this means that we’re able to pair each of our customers with a local expert.

Going above and beyond has always been the goal of our Client Success team, and our clients agree according to our G2 reviews & rankings. We take a lot of pride in the level of support we are able to provide all of our clients globally.

4. Our custom monitoring & reporting for enterprise brands

For large organizations, navigating the global digital landscape can be a daunting task. Our Meltwater Enterprise Solution are specifically designed to assist you when it comes to monitoring mentions of your brand globally and locally. 

Essentially, our team operates as an extension of your department, curating daily briefings that contain only the most important information to your organization. Oh, and did we mention that we offer 24/7 dedicated support. 

5. We have one of the largest contact databases for journalists

PR and Comms professionals used to rely on lists as their contact database, but now, with solutions like Meltwater, PR pros can find media contacts who may be interested in their pitch. Plus, our solution’s PR analytics and reporting capabilities can help you optimize your media outreach strategy with pitch engagement metrics that gauge interest and can inform any follow-up strategy.

Coupling Meltwater’s proprietary Keyword Search with other filters such as beat, role, and location will help you find the most relevant contacts for your story pitch. 

6. Our platform lets you easily identify and contact millions of influencers

If you aren’t already using influencers in your marketing strategy, guarantee your competitors are! Meltwater’s Social Influencer program has millions of profiles, thousands of categories and years of historical data making it easy to find influencers in any category and location across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and blogs.

With Meltwater’s Social Influencer’s platform, you are able to find, vet, and track your interactions across the millions of influencers available in the platform. Not only are you able to utilize the platform as a CRM system for your influencers, but you’re able to track the ROI of the work that you are doing with them to better identify who you should or shouldn’t be working with! 

7. Our platform lets you rank media mentions from different publications

Let’s face it: not all media mentions should be weighted equally. For instance, a mention in The Wall Street Journal probably has a bigger impact on your business than a mention on a local news website, right? 

Using our Custom Scoring capabilities, once you define your media priorities, our technology will automatically score all mentions moving forward. Beyond saving you time, Custom Scoring allows you to consistently measure the value of your media coverage, define the success metrics that matter, and report and benchmark their success over time. 

8. Our social listening capabilities are unmatched

With the most advanced social listening platform in the industry, Meltwater provides teams the data they need to be one step ahead of the curve. Our Explore platform allows teams to analyze billions of social conversations and identify their social strategy based on the existing happenings across every social channel. 

And if your team is looking to gain a deeper understanding of your social following, our partnership with Audiense allows your team to pull reports detailing a social audience’s buying habits, interests, brand affinities, and much more so that you can increase the success of their social efforts. 

9. We help you streamline your social media management workflows

Our platform is a one-stop-shop for social media managers looking to simplify their social media management efforts. Within our social media management platform, you can easily:

  • Analyze all of the social conversations happening around your brand, a specific topic or competitor
  • Manage all of your interactions with the outside world through direct messages, likes, retweets & replies
  • Schedule all of your social media content across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Plus, with unlimited reporting, you can easily keep your finger on the pulse of all of your social channels while helping your team understand the success of their investments. 

10. We help you measure your brand’s share of voice 

Our reporting capabilities allow you to track your organization’s share of voice by region, company, product line or any other categorization so that you’re able to gain a deeper understanding of your digital presence. 

To help you determine how you stack up against your peers in a multitude of areas, our automated reporting dashboards can help you quickly refine your PR & marketing strategy from a growth perspective with relation to geographic, product-specific, demographic breakdown or any other specific breakout you’re looking for. 

11. Our platform’s automated and customizable dashboards

Reporting is not as easy as it may seem. A good report highlights your achievements, provides actionable insights, shows cause and effect, defends your budget and most importantly proves your ROI. 

With Meltwater’s reporting capabilities, you can easily generate reports with metrics that date back to 2010, including competitor benchmarking and YOY reporting. Our Impact Reports help demonstrate and prove ROI—with the ability to track how your content is read, absorbed, and repurposed. But if you want to track specific PR & marketing KPIs, you can create customized dashboards, with metrics like media volume, geolocation, article sentiment, share of voice, top journalists and influencers, and audience reach and engagement. 

12. The ability to actively monitor the competition 

Competitor benchmarking is important because it gives you insight into industry trends, opportunities, strategies, and goals. By setting up a competitor dashboard in your media intelligence platform, you can keep an eye on results by comparing the share of voice, reach, and coverage numbers. 

If you’d like help keeping track of your competitor’s digital spending and activity, our Digital Marketing Insight Reports (DMI Reports) are automated marketing reports that enable you to optimize your PR, paid ads and SEO strategy. Ultimately, they help you save time and improve efficiency when planning your campaigns. 

One of the most valuable pieces of information for marketers is spotting, understanding, and monitoring trending topics online. These topics are what people are discussing in real-time and reveal what their interests and intentions are. Staying on top of the latest trends can help inform thought leadership content, spark ideas for new marketing content, and, ultimately, determine business decisions. 

So how do marketers always seem to know what the industry trends are? And once you have spotted a trend, what do you do next? Using Media Intelligence and Social Listening, you can understand how journalists, celebrities and your audience are reacting to them. Is the sentiment analysis positive, negative or neutral? Are there particular words or behaviors they are associating with the trend? Answering questions like these will help you understand how to zero in on that particular trend for your business.

14. Our partnerships provide in-depth audience insights 

Customers are demanding more personalized communication, but many brands don’t have the audience insights needed to deliver more 1:1 communications. Meltwater’s Consumer Insights Reports allow you to identify and understand any audience, no matter how specific or unique it is—enabling you to adapt your target, improve relevancy and drive high campaigns at scale. With the report, you can determine what media outlets hold influence over your target customer, what brand or celebrities they follow, where they are located, what type of content they share and engage with, and much, much more. 

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