Facebook Reach is ultimately the most important metric on Facebook.

If you don’t know how to reach your followers, you will fail no matter how many followers you have. So in this blogpost I’ve set out to share my best recommendations on how you can reach more users on Facebook and increase your success on the social network. Enjoy!

1. Be Personal and Funny

Nobody likes a boring brand. Think of your presence of Facebook like a performance: you are there to enlighten and entertain! Showcase your staff, and post about quirky and funny things that happens at your workplace and funny news in your industry etc. Do something fun and unexpected.

Here’s a great post from Starbucks. They gathered 45 of their Starbucks baristas across six different cities in Asia to share joy around the world with a christmas song. Funny, entertaining and personal. Perfect!

2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags today are everywhere and you need to learn how to use them to increase your reach. Start by searching for hashtags that would be relevant to your business (including your business name) and see if people are already using them. You’ll also want to search for currently trending (or viral) hashtags to see if you might be able to create a connection. You can search for hashtags via Graph Search and by adding your hashtag to https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/your_hashtag.

For example, I might want to check whether or not anyone is using the hashtag #facebookmarketing. In this case, I just add Facebookmarketing to the end of the search string, like this:


Instantly I see that there are a bunch of people who are using this hashtag. Great! I’ll join the conversation. Here’s how:

I own a pizzeria (in my delicious alternate reality). Now, let’s say that I want to promote one of my specials. A trending hashtag right now is #superbowl (go Niners!) so I could, for example, post something like:

“#Superbowl special! All-you-can-eat pizza buffet & bottomless beer – ONLY $49 for all you #49ers fans!”

You might also find relevant and popular hashtags by using Trending, a completely new feature by Facebook.

So, now that you understand hashtags, you can use them to expand your Facebook reach. But please, don’t overdo it. Nobody likes an overachiever.  😉

3. Comment on blogs using Facebook comments

The Internet is one big content repository, and a lot of it can be of interest to your company and your followers. Curation is the new creation, and content marketing has now been democratized, so all you have to do is look around to associate relevant content to your own interests and brand. I bet that you already are following some blogs relevant to your company (and if not, you should), and I bet that some of these blogs use Facebook comments. Why not add some thoughts on relevant posts—but instead of linking them to your personal page, add them as your business.

Just click the Change link in the comment section, select your business page, and write your (interesting, thought-provoking) comment. Your comment will be seen by everyone who is reading the comments thus increasing your business page Facebook reach.

4. Use Call to Actions

“Like this post if you love pizza!”
“Did you find this post insightful? Share it with your friends!”
“What do you think? Add your comment in the section below.”

CTAs are a direct marketing tactic, and they’re a great way to get people to engage with your posts and share them with their friends (which will increase your Facebook reach).

Using calls to action can be a slippery road, though. You don’t want to overdo it, and it should be natural. Here’s a nice example from Chevrolet. They let their followers choose what kind of car they like the best by either liking the post or sharing it with their friends.

Nicely done, Chevrolet!  (I’m European, so my vote is old school.)

5. Ask Questions

Asking someone a question is a great way to engage that person.  Asking questions to your followers activates them, leading to greater reach for your Page.  At the same time, it gives you the answers to questions that may be crucial for your company’s sales and marketing.

Keep in mind though that the goal of asking question should be to start a discussion. And you need to be a part of that discussion! Reply to your followers’ comments and and make sure that the discussion not only increases your reach but also provide value to your followers.

6. Connect with other pages

I wrote a blogpost about this earlier, so I won’t go into all the details here. But by liking and connecting with other companies on Facebook you will improve your Facebook reach.

7. Use Images

As I stated in a previous blogpost, it’s all about images. Image-centric networks saw a huge success back in 2013, and there’s been recent research that tells us by using images in your Facebook posts, you’ll improve the engagement on your Page and increase your reach. But what sort of images should you post?

My recommendations is that you use high-quality images, quirky  images, images of your staff and/or clients, images of how one can use your products, and images that shows the joy that your company brings.

Here’s a post that I just love from Hollie Strano, the morning meteorologist and co-host for Channel 3 News Today. We see a great image, a personal approach, a hashtag, AND questions!

This is Facebook gold in my eyes. Nicely done, Hollie!

8. Take advantage of Facebook’s new promotion rules

Facebook changed their Promotion guidelines last year, making it a whole lot easier for companies to post promotions and contests on their Facebook Page—and contests are a great way to improve your reach on Facebook! (Hey, did we mention that we make a Facebook contest tool?)

As businesses, we are now allowed to collect entries by having users comment or like a post and—more importantly—we can finally use likes as a voting mechanism.

You could, for example, post something like:
“Win a free dinner for two! Like this post and let us know in the comments below why you should win. The comment with the most likes wins!
Let your friends know and share this post.”

You can’t force users to share your posts as an entry mechanism any more than you can force a purchaser to enter a contest, but the “like” is powerful on its own. The more users who like and comment on your post, the more users you’ll reach via their activity feeds.

9. Built-In Social Media Monitoring: Use Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a great social media monitoring tool to learn more about your Page, your posts, your followers, and your Facebook reach. Visit your Facebook Insights, click on Posts, and order all your posts by Facebook reach. By doing this, it’s quite easy to find out which posts reached the most users.

This data will give you the insights to post more of whatever works for you. I’ll give up my own business intelligence (hope you can read Swedish)!

If you want to read more about Facebook Insights and how you can use all this data to improve your Facebook Reach I suggest that you read the blogpost 4 Facebook Metrics Every Company Should be Measuring.

10. Learn from the Best

There are millions of companies that have spent the past few years improving their reach on Facebook. So, it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of “tricks” have already been tried out by other companies. But who are the companies that reach more and more users every day? Who are the companies that are great at engaging their followers?

Well, it’s not that hard to find out—and that business intelligence is actually free!

Head over to LikeAlyzer’s toplists and find the companies that have the highest LikeRank. Pages with a high LikeRank are very good at engaging their followers and, by doing so, they increase their Facebook reach. Visit their Facebook Pages, check out what they are doing right, and I’ll bet that you’ll be on your way increasing your Facebook Reach for your own business page!

So, there you have it: 10 easy ways to expand your reach on Facebook. Do you have something to add? Please add a comment in the section below!

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