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Sales Intelligence Solution

Automate the process of collecting competitive intelligence through our Sales Intelligence Suite and sales intelligence tool, Owler Max. 

Gather data and receive real-time alerts around important events (i.e., acquisitions, funding rounds, etc.,) that your teams can use to personalize their sales outreach.

  • Research and track the companies you want to monitor
  • Quickly identify trends and market shifts
  • Save hours of research time every week with customizable dashboards & advanced search features
  • Get insights relevant to your business goals delivered directly to your inbox or CRM
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What Is Sales Intelligence?

Sales intelligence is the timely data that helps your sales team prospect for new clients, engage with prospects, and close deals faster and more effectively. To do all of this, organizations rely on sales prospecting tools to help find and analyze sales intelligence data. This sales intelligence data includes news on target companies, company leadership, funding and revenue data, employee count, competitive relationships, and much more. This sales intelligence data can inform and guide your sales process.

Tip: Read our dedicated sales intelligence guide for more information.

Sales intelligence data helps you improve your strategy and prospecting process — especially when this data is combined with prospecting tools. Using the sales intelligence data you’ve collected can help you personalize your outreach and build relationships with your current and prospective clients.

With more than 300 billion emails being sent per day, your personalized outreach needs to be relevant to stand out. Personalization starts with something as essential as addressing your target by name in an introductory email, referring to the company’s latest news, or congratulating them on an award, acquisition, or new funding round. This is where our easy-to-use sales intelligence tool Owler Max can help you gain a competitive advantage.

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How a Sales Intelligence Tool Can Help Your Business

  • Sell Faster With Sales Intelligence Tools

  • Sales Prospecting for the Modern B2B Sales Professional

  • Eliminate the Time-Consuming Prospecting Process

  • Connecting With Your Potential Customers

  • Expand Your Market Of Potential Customers

  • Stay Ready And Informed

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Sell Faster With Sales Intelligence Tools

Aggregating sales intelligence data is time-consuming, and understanding competitive relationships between companies and industry trends can be tricky without an automated competitive intelligence or sales intelligence platform. If sales intelligence research is done manually, it is easy to miss critical sales triggers such as new funding rounds, a leadership change, or an industry-wide shift in sentiment. Missing key triggers and insight can mean missing a reason to reach out and make a sale.

Owler gathers end-to-end data about your potential customers and their company, including the name and LinkedIn details of the company’s CEO, revenue, employee count, funding rounds, news, acquisitions, and much more. This is the sales data that will give you a competitive advantage. Our sales prospecting tool, Owler Max, is a single source of truth that can be integrated into your sales process and be the difference between success and failure in your client onboarding process.

Your sales team can now streamline its prospecting process. They no longer have to spend hours scouring the web for competitors, company news, company insight, and analysis for your sales outreach. Owler provides all of the competitive intelligence and sales intelligence data you need — all in one place, in its sales intelligence tool.

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Sales Prospecting for the Modern B2B Sales Professional

Sales intelligence tools extract and analyze data on prospects from various sources. With Owler Max, the ultimate sales intelligence software, this information is tracked and presented to you in a way that is easy to understand and act on.

  • Discover potential customers in seconds. Owler Max connects you with an extensive network of over 15-million private and public businesses.
  • Personalize your team's prospecting outreach for bigger wins. Owler Max sends out real-time news alerts that you can use as introductory topics for your prospecting initiatives. 

Using this sales intelligence data, you can build empathy, identify buying signals and strengthen technographic data.

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Eliminate the Time-Consuming Prospecting Process

Our sales prospecting tool helps sales teams streamline their research processes and assists with lead generation. Having access to our comprehensive sales intelligence data can transform your sales prospecting process into one that is primarily data-driven. Enhance your competitive strategy with company data pulled from various sources, including directly from business professionals, that includes firmographic data such as company size, revenue, industry, sector, HQ, Sic Codes, and more.

  • Research and track the companies you want to monitor. You can even build a personalized database of companies you want to track to save you time.
  • Quickly identify trends and market shifts so that your team can react swiftly and make smarter sales decisions.
  • Save hours of research time every week with customizable dashboards and advanced search features that allow you to access the insights you crave faster.
  • Get insights relevant to your business goals delivered directly to your inbox or CRM.
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Connecting With Your Potential Customers

Our sales intelligence tool empowers your team to have meaningful conversations with your prospects, key accounts, and business partners.

  • Turn small talk into smart talk with detailed insights into millions of companies worldwide that you can leverage to transform your prospecting.
  • Easily monitor media coverage and identify trends and market shifts as they happen. Having these real-time industry updates gives your team a competitive advantage by enabling them to react swiftly to important news and make better sales and marketing decisions.
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Expand Your Market Of Potential Customers

Your most likely sales prospect is the company most closely related to the customer whose deal you just closed. Using a competitive intelligence tool, you can access the sales intelligence your team needs to identify the prospects that may be most interested in your business. 

  • Find new sales prospects via Owler Max's advanced search capabilities and proprietary look-a-like matching for closed deals, powered by the Owler Competitive Intelligence Graph.
  • Get instant access to over 45 million competitive relationships, allowing you to analyze your marketplace deeply. 
  • Visualize and compare your direct competitors and get suggestions about related companies to research, follow, and prospect to improve your sales process. 
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Stay Ready And Informed

Equip sales teams with actionable sales intelligence through real-time news alerts. These alerts can be curated around important events, including acquisitions, funding announcements, partnerships, and environmental and social governance (ESG) news. Each of these triggers is a reason to reach out to your potential customers.

  • Monitor news around your customers or prospects to collect information that can inform your organization’s outreach strategy.
  • Get competitive intelligence and sales intelligence delivered directly to your inbox or CRM
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Owler's Sales Tools Integrations

Owler's sales intelligence solution integrates seamlessly into your existing CRM and communications tools, ensuring the most up-to-date company news is available wherever you are and fits seamlessly into your strategy.

  • Optimize workflows by creating tasks related to outreach opportunities within our sales intelligence tool. This also creates transparency around prospecting activities that can be tracked.
  • Collaborate with team members through Owler's Slack integration, allowing your team members to notify one another about essential account events and valuable competitor intelligence.


Christopher Bennett, Anitian

Christopher Bennett, Anitian

Who knows how quickly I would have found those companies, or if I would have found them at the right time if we did not have Owler? You need to pitch to potential clients at the right time in our business; otherwise, you're not going to be able to sell to them. Owler has been a key figure in over $1 million in sales.

Jan Ritter, Inteliquent

Jan Ritter, Inteliquent

You get a quick daily report, and you can pick through the accounts you’re following and see which ones have something of interest. Owler’s team solution is giving us a better view of what's happening in the industry and making sure we're up to date and have visibility on our customers and prospects.

Trevor Shan, Business Development Manager, Openprise

Trevor Shan, Business Development Manager, Openprise

Owler’s competitor research ability really is priceless. That single source of truth for our account research leading to incredibly reduced research time has made a huge difference for us.


The ultimate sales intelligence tool, Owler, is the world’s largest community-based company intelligence and competitive intelligence dataset, powered by over 5  million business professionals. Rather than using typical crawling and scale-based metrics to estimate private company data, we use our business community to collect and curate insights available only on Owler. With over 500,000 updates to Owler’s sales intelligence database each month, it is the most accurate and up-to-date in existence. We allow users to submit requests to update a company’s data if they feel it is wrong.

Owler's news, insights, analysis, and competitive intelligence is compiled from monitoring over 1.5 million verified news publications, over 11 million company websites and blogs, and various government sources of public company data. Because Owler is a community-based business intelligence platform and sales intelligence tool, we encourage users to help the community by telling us where we can discover more news about their company and competitors. 

When you follow a company on Owler, you will receive ongoing news updates, insight, and alerts about any changes to the business. We send a comprehensive daily news email called the Daily Snapshot, which summarizes what has happened at the companies you’re following. In addition, you can opt-in to receive real-time news alerts, called Instant Insights, so you’ll instantly know when critical sales intelligence events happen at one of the companies you are following, giving you the competitive edge. We continually monitor a curated list of trusted news sites, insight, blogs, published video content, and press releases to send you only the most relevant sales intelligence content. Each new piece of published content is tagged as one of over 20 news event types, and you can sort and filter the news using our in-app Newsfeed feature.

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