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12 Best Sales Intelligence Software Tools 2024

TJ Kiely

Dec 29, 2023

Sales intelligence tools can be a game changer for businesses. These tools provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing companies to tailor their sales strategies to meet their target audience wherever they are. With the right data at their fingertips, businesses can better understand who their customers are and what they need. In turn, you’ll look like a superhero as you increase sales and customer satisfaction.

One of the key benefits of using sales intelligence tools is the ability to track customer interactions across multiple channels. You can gain a comprehensive view of each customer's journey, from the initial contact to the purchase and beyond. This data can help you identify patterns and trends to guide your decision-making and better engage your customers in the future. 

To get started with sales intelligence, you’ll need the right sales intelligence tool that gives you a complete picture of your customers.

Let’s explore the top sales intelligence tools on the market so you can get your revenue flowing faster:

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Meltwater Sales Intelligence

Example of Meltwater sales intelligence software tool

Meltwater is an end-to-end, AI-powered platform that empowers sales and marketing with comprehensive customer journey insights. Also known for our social media listening and media monitoring, our sales intelligence solution collects competitive data that will help you personalize your sales outreach.

Its data-driven features empower your sales strategy in several ways:

  • Research and monitor competitors
  • Identify trends or market shifts in real time
  • See sales-related insights at a glance
  • Learn about potential new competitors in the market

Meltwater sales intelligence offers intel into

  • company size
  • news
  • events
  • employee count
  • revenue
  • funding
  • leadership
  • and other data

The more you know about your competitors and their sales processes, the better you can reverse-engineer what they’re doing and tailor your own processes.

Our platform does an exceptional job of collecting and aggregating this data on your behalf. You can customize your dashboards to see the analytics that are most important to you. With a single source of truth, BDRs can improve how they prospect, cross-sell, and onboard customers without spending hours on competitive analysis.


ZoomInfo takes a multi-pronged approach to business intelligence. Its platform covers sales prospecting, ABM and conversions, employee recruiting, and operations.

Organization chart Zoominfo sales intelligence software

Focusing solely on the sales side, users can build databases of B2B businesses based on their Ideal Customer Profiles. Its large database of contact information (including phone numbers and email addresses) gives users direct access to decision-makers, helping to shorten the sales cycle.

This sales intelligence software also captures things like phone calls, conversations, and emails. The software can analyze all of the above to help sales teams create more impact with their outreach and build on their past successes.


Prospecting is hard. Salespeople spend a significant amount of time just trying to find leads to connect with. And when they find them, it takes an average of eight attempts to reach a prospect by phone.

Your next best customer

Cognism gives back some of this time. As a database of B2B phone numbers and emails, this sales intelligence tool makes prospecting more efficient and effective.

At its core, Cognism is designed to provide sales teams with access to up-to-date information about potential customers, particularly those who are ready to make buying decisions. Sales teams can have more conversations and spend less time searching for contact information.

It also satisfies GDPR compliance requirements by not contacting people who are on the Do Not Call list.


With Uniqode's digital business card solution, you can easily switch from paper to digital in a few clicks. The whole solution is focused on simplifying the creation and sharing of your digital business identity – no extra app is required for a hassle-free experience.

Uniqode digital buisness card solution tool

The two-way contact-sharing feature is a unique feature, effortlessly capturing leads when sharing your card with prospects. You can also keep your cards accessible in Google or Apple Wallet pass, ensuring they're always within reach. Admins can centrally manage organization-wide cards without needing an extra app.

The solution redefines sales intelligence with a user-friendly, no-frills solution. Perfect for modern businesses, it enhances networking and streamlines lead generation effortlessly.


LeadSquared is a sales and marketing automation CRM that helps businesses gain insights into customer's preferences, buying patterns, and sales trends. It also automates manual tasks and helps sales reps prioritize leads and deals based on their previous interactions. It's an essential tool for businesses that run high-velocity sales, require field sales management, and improve pipeline flow. 

Leadsquare sales and marketing automation CRM dashboard

LeadSquared allows sales team to monitor lead movement in real-time and track every interaction. The tool can be customized to cater to specific business challenges across various industries. It can also be integrated with all your lead generation sources and other third-party tools to centralize all customer information.


Capitalizing on companies who are already looking at your products and web pages is what Leadfeeder does best.

As one of the best sales intelligence tools for lead generation, Leadfeeder uses website traffic data to generate new prospects. It reveals whose behind your traffic so you can follow up with real people who have shown interest in your product, service, or company.

LeadFeeder sales intelligence tool

This sales intelligence platform includes lead scoring and segmentation so you can allocate your time. Segment leads based on their potential to convert. The tool will also automatically score leads based on their web actions. You can sync this data with your CRM to gain a comprehensive view of your sales pipeline.

The platform offers a free trial for 14 days so you can see how it might fit into your sales process.


UpLead is a sales intelligence software that provides businesses with access to high-quality B2B contact and account data to help them generate leads.

Uplead sales intelligence platform

One of the key features of UpLead is its database of millions of B2B contacts. This database is constantly updated to ensure businesses have access to the most current and relevant data. Using UpLead's 50+ search filters, businesses can easily find and target good-fit prospects based on industry, location, company size, and job title.

Other notable features include real-time email verification, mobile phone numbers, intent data, and data enrichment that you can export directly to your CRM.


Clearbit sales intelligence software focuses on timely engagement. The platform helps users create an ideal customer profile using more than 100 firmographic and technographic data points. This in-depth level of detail can lead to better targeting and more precisely tailored campaigns.

Ideal customer profile Clearbit sales intelligence tool

It enriches your website data to help you turn anonymous traffic into real conversations. Identify who is visiting your website and know how to contact them, all in real-time and all based on intentional outreach.

Clearbit also helps you score leads so you can decide where to focus your efforts. This helps you speed up the time to close and reach your sales targets faster.

In total, this sales intelligence solution offers a comprehensive database solution that simplifies the prospecting process and helps you approach each lead in the right way.


Launched as a Google Chrome browser extension, Datanyze makes it easy to find contact information without switching to new tools or tabs. It displays mobile numbers, direct dial numbers, and email addresses when viewing LinkedIn profiles or company websites.

Dantanyze sales intelligence add on

In addition to contact data, Datanyze’s market reports provide a wealth of information on leading industry-specific companies and categories. Learn who’s leading conversations and sales so you can find your next best-fit clients.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Among the most recognized names in sales intelligence platforms, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed to help sales professionals and businesses identify, target, and engage with potential customers on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

One of the key features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is its lead search functionality. This allows users to search for potential customers using a wide range of criteria, including job title, company size, industry, location, and more. The platform will also recommend leads and prospects based on your previous activity. Deploy leads to your CRM with a single click and easily integrate them with your current sales processes. 

Using LinkedIn data, Sales Navigator will update you if a lead changes jobs or companies so you can tailor your follow-up accordingly. These real-time insights come in handy when staying connected to decision makers.

Another notable feature is the ability to send InMail to more than 500 million contacts, even if you’re not connected with them. Users can send up to 50 InMail messages monthly to drum up leads and make new introductions.


Vainu leverages automation to reduce the time-consuming process of integrating leads with your CRM pipeline.

Let Vainu help you find your ideal client, then access complete company profiles to learn more about them. This allows you to have more informed conversations once you connect with a prospect. 

Vainu sales intelligence software

Speaking of which, Vainu also provides guidance on which accounts to connect with at any given time.

With automated triggers, you can trust data to trigger sales conversations at the right time. For example, if someone fills out your contact form or downloads a gated asset, you can gain a complete picture of that company even if they don’t fit your target customer profile.


Part business contact database and part buying signal database, DiscoverOrg provides actionable B2B sales intelligence. Tailored for go-to-market intel, the platform helps sales reps pinpoint better leads with real-time buying signals. 

DiscoverOrg sales intelligence tool

Once you define your ideal profiles, the platform’s data can connect you to the right person to speak to. From there, you can identify, score, and track new leads for more effective follow-up.

With features for account-based marketing, this platform is ideal for creating alignment between sales and marketing teams.

Take an Informed Approach to Sales with Meltwater Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence platforms are designed to help you sell smarter. With prospecting and research taking up valuable selling time, Meltwater is helping you to reclaim your time so you can consistently hit your targets.

Our sales intelligence solution offers a comprehensive, accurate contact database, advanced competitive intelligence, and real-time business alerts, and many other features to help your business smash its sales goals.

Learn more when you request a demo.