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Voices Crisis Communication

Meltwater Voices Banner about "Cutting Edge Conversations on Crisis Communications"

What do a hostage negotiator and a social media manager have in common?

Voices takes a look at crisis strategy, management, and communication through the experiences of unconventional speakers from outside the PR and Marketing world.

No one expects a crisis. But when one arises, it’s important to be ready to address it with a clear and well-thought-out strategy.

Dive in to hear inspiring stories of leadership in crisis, tips from a hostage negotiator on diffusing crisis, and much more to help you handle your own PR and Marketing challenges.

You can expect to learn:

  • How a diverse group of experts are trained to respond in a crisis
  • Tips to prepare a crisis response plan
  • Advice on staying calm when a crisis arises
  • Different kinds of crises you could face as a PR professional

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