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Gen Nadja West portrait

Combating Crisis on the Battlefield and in the Boardroom

Join Lt. General Nadja West as she and Ambera Cruz (Marketing Director, Meltwater) chat about effective leadership during a crisis. This session will also cover techniques for maintaining mental fortitude and remaining calm during stressful crisis situations.

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Jessica Fralick portrait

Communicating in the Social Justice Age

Insights into how brands can navigate crisis communication in an age when consumers have the drive the power to drive the conversation. How to avoid negative perceptions in an increasingly values driven consumer landscape.

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Michelle McAlister portrait

Resolving Brand Crisis
[For the Moments That Make You Say, “Oh S***!”]

Resolving crises through a consumer facing lens. From tips to get to the roots of unprompted comments, to being where the conversation is happening, to making sure your brand voice is flexible enough to respond on various channels, here’s how brands can go the extra mile.

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Scott Tillema portrait

Secrets of a Hostage Negotiator

Effective communication is one of the most fundamental skills for resolving a crisis situation. FBI trained hostage negotiator, Scott Tillema, takes us through some key conversation tactics for reaching resolution during times of high emotion and adrenaline.

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Kristin Pitman portrait

Workshop: Using Meltwater to Manage Crisis Communications

Apply the concepts from today's talks in practical ways using Meltwater! Tips to setting up keyword tracking, social listening, and gauging sentiment.

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