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Meltwater Voices: Digital Transformation in Communications and Marketing

Digital Transformation in Communications and Marketing

According to Gartner, 87% of senior business leaders say digitalisation is a priority but only 21% of companies think they’ve already “completed” their digital transformation. With so much work to be done, businesses must upskill, adapt and strategise now - in order to survive later. Marketing and Comms teams need to work together to foster company-wide transformation, while evolving their demand generation and brand-building methodologies.

While many companies are still trying to automate internal processes, reduce the inefficiencies of spreadsheets and traditional work methods and build on their technical know-how, navigating newfound challenges will also require cultivating emotional and mental resilience.

In light of this, we bought together some of EMEA's leading voices to help prepare you and your team for Digital Transformation - both in terms of skill set and mindset. Access the on-demand recordings now and learn from the likes of Disney's former Head of Innovation & Creativity, Duncan Wardle, and Manal Rostom - one of Forbes Africa’s Top 50 Most Powerful Women, as well as many more.

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