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Voices: Competitive Benchmarking

Competitive Benchmarking: Make Moves to Move the Market

How do you stack up against your competitors? The competition for followers, “Likes” and website traffic is more intense than ever. And we’re not only competing against direct competitors anymore.

In fact, Netflix’s CEO said it’s biggest competitor was sleep. As marketers, we’re competing for attention in our target audience’s inbox and news feed — or in Netflix’s case, consumer’s willpower to resist watching “just one more episode”.

That’s why you need to bring your A-game to everything you do as a marketer every day.

We’ll be speaking with athletes, marketers and entrepreneurs about the changing nature of competition.

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  • Why you need a competitive benchmarking strategy
  • Tips for approaching tasks with a competitive mindset
  • Getting to and staying at # 1
  • Strategies from industry thought leaders

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