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The Fashion Industry’s New Era

Image of cartoons fashionably dressed.  A report looking at the top trending fashion conversations on Twitter.

From the rise of digital fashion to greater calls for sustainability, the global fashion industry got a makeover during the pandemic. Consumer attitudes and preferences have evolved, and those changes are spelled out in the millions of fashion conversations that have taken place on Twitter over the past year. 

Created in partnership between Meltwater and Twitter, The Fashion Industry’s New Era is a guide to the key trends that matter most to fashion netizens today. This report — based on data sourced from Twitter via Explore, Meltwater’s social media intelligence platform — showcases:

  • Emerging macro and micro fashion trends 
  • Subtopics in the global fashion conversation
  • New opportunities for fashion marketers and brands
  • The value of data-based consumer segmentation and analysis

(Learn more about how we created this report here and how to use Meltwater for Fashion Brands.)

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