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Social Influencer Contract Template

Illustration of a contract with a floating profile image icon and a pen. Influencer contract template download

Working with influencers is a fantastic way to get in front of new and relevant audiences, increasing your customer base. In order to ensure your partnerships get off on the right foot, it’s important to have a clear and well-thought-out influencer contract agreement established.

Download our editable influencer contract template to get started!

What is an influencer contract?

An influencer contract is an agreement put forth by the brand that outlines the expectations of the influencer from the start to the end of an influencer marketing campaign.

Why is an influencer contract important?

With an influencer marketing contract, both the brand and the influencer can start strong and on the same page when it comes to campaign goals, deliverables, extent, approval process, and payment structure. It minimizes surprises and keeps both parties in agreement as to all campaign parameters.

Because influencer marketing depends almost solely on social media, an influencer contract will also cover specifics such as: 

  • How many posts per week or day the influencers is committing to
  • What channels will be used (ie, 3 Instagram Stories, 1 Instagram Reel, 1 Instagram photo, 1 TikTok, and a dedicated Pinterest Board)
  • Posting schedule

Depending on an influencer's follower count and engagement metrics, these parameters could vary greatly, which is why having a malleable influencer contract template is strongly recommended.

As always, brands should do their due diligence when vetting potential influencer partners, prior to reaching out. This saves a lot of headache when establishing influencer contract terms.

Klear, a Meltwater offering, which is part of the Meltwater influencer marketing suite makes it easy to search and filter influencers in a wide variety of industries and topics. Once you find an influencer you like, Klear also makes it easy to send a contract and get an influencer agreement in place.

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