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The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing

Guide to Influencer Marketing

Everything you need for your next Influencer Marketing campaign

As the word ‘influencer’ becomes increasingly commonplace, it is imperative that marketers differentiate between influencers and creators. Naturally, you should understand how they can be valuable to your business before you run your next campaign.

Get your guide to learn more about:

  • Trends shaping the influencer marketing landscape in 2020
  • Choosing relevant influencers in the absence of vanity metrics
  • Writing an influencer marketing brief
  • Demonstrating the success of your campaign

Discover, manage, and analyse influencer campaigns seamlessly

Marketers can use influencer management platforms and influencer marketing tools to keep track of their campaign’s performance in real-time and generate reports in an instant. From engagement numbers to follower growth, earned media value to link clicks, marketers can have it all at their fingertips. We even track perishable content like Instagram Stories.

Say goodbye to being drowned in multiple spreadsheets – the many hours that you will save can be channelled into more strategic activities that will drive greater ROI.

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