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Secrets of a Hostage Negotiator - Managing Crisis Communication

Meltwater Voices Banner with speaker Scott Tillema

Effective communication is one of the most fundamental skills needed for resolving a crisis situation. But it’s not always easy to do under pressure. FBI trained hostage negotiator, Scott Tillema, is very familiar with the skills needed to resolve crises. While PR & marketing teams are rarely dealing with life-or-death situations like those that Tillema is used to, the principles of crisis communication are the same.

In this webinar Scott walks through some key conversation tactics for reaching resolution during times of high emotion and adrenaline.

About Scott Tillema

An FBI-trained hostage negotiator and a full-time police lieutenant in the Chicago area, Scott Tillema is a nationally recognized leader in the field of police crisis and hostage negotiations, actively training thousands of police negotiators across the country. He has developed a negotiation model that is now being adopted by those in the private sector for use in sales, communication, and leadership.

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