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Make Your Mark: Growth & Market Dominance

Meltwater Voices banner with speaker Lisa Sun, CEO & Founder of Gravitas

What is competitive benchmarking and why do you need it? Lisa Sun, CEO & Founder of Gravitas, talks about her suggested approach, including redefining who you see as a competitor. As an entrepreneur and start-up founder, Sun has keenly recognized and used this tactic to pull ahead. 

Watch this webinar to gain unique insight into the importance of having a 360 degree view of your industry, market share, and the  available white space for your company to innovate and stay ahead. 

About Lisa Sun

After 11 years at McKinsey & Company, Sun founded GRAVITAS, a game-changing retail brand and confidence company. She shares her experience in talks that explore why it's vital to push past your potential, how to transform an idea into a movement, and why you've got to bet on yourself every single day.

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