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Pandemic Era Marketing: Tapping Into The Philippine Social Media Landscape

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With over 75 million social media users and the highest average time spent per day, The Philippines is known as the social media capital of the world.

Filipinos engage in billions of online conversations sharing their emotions and opinions on their personal experiences, purchases, pop-culture and politics. The big question for brands and marketers is, how can we make sense of these billions of social media conversations, especially in this pandemic era?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Biggest social media trends shaping the Philippines market in 2020
  • What types of social media data points you can retrieve with social listening
  • Key applications and best practices of social listening (Trendspotting, Crisis Communications, Content Marketing and more!)
  • An insider look into Meltwater's Social Listening features and upgrades

Tip: Find out more about local Philippine social media statistics and about the most-used social media platforms in the Phillippines, and watch our free on-demand webinar 'A Lesson in Crisis Comms: COVID-19 Case Study'.

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