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Meltwater for Universities: Tailoring Media Intelligence for Academic Institutions

Every day, billions of social media conversations collide with news stories and recently published research. Tracking and analysing how this flow of information shapes the perception of your institution can help you make more informed decisions.

With Meltwater for Universities, communications professionals can correctly attribute media coverage to faculty PR efforts, measure media impact on research outcomes, and stay ahead of the competition — all from a centralised platform.

In this webinar, Meltwater's Enterprise Solutions Director Georgina Bitcon speaks with Senior Director of Global Solutions, Andy Grace about the use case for purpose built media intelligence solutions at higher education institutions. This session has been curated for marketing & communications professionals working at universities. In it, we cover:

- The relationship between media coverage and academic research
- How the world's top universities are ensuring accurate media attribution and delivering real-time insights back to the organisation
- A deep dive into the function of Meltwater's custom designed, and fully adjustable university solution

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