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Measuring Sponsorship ROI with AI in 2023

A cartoon image of two AI robots behind a smartphone and serval graphs, like a pie chart and a bar graph. The image is being used for a guide on how AI can help marketers track and monitor the effectiveness of sponsorships.

Sponsorship marketing can deliver big rewards for brands, helping you to be seen by audiences that would be difficult to reach through other marketing channels. 

But sponsorship deals often require significant budgets, and measuring the return on that investment can be difficult using conventional methods alone. Thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence it’s now possible to measure the ROI of sponsorship campaigns much more effectively, and in this guide we’ll explain exactly how it works.

Measuring Sponsorship ROI with AI in 2023 

  • How to track “Earned Brand Exposure” - a new KPI that indicates how often your brand is seen alongside sponsored events or people. 
  • Using AI to identify your brand in online images and videos, and linking that data to your sponsorship ROI measurement. 
  • How AI helps focus analytics data precisely on your sponsorship activities, removing false positives to ensure more accurate measurement.

Tip: Read our blog to learn how to modernize sponsorship measurement with AI and check out our Sponsorship Analysis Example: Springboks x Rugby World Cup 2023.

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