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Audience Insights 2.0 - How to use Social Data to understand needs, values and motivation

What do we really know about the audiences we as marketers are trying to reach, amaze and ultimately convert?

While traditional market research might give us an idea about their location, education and occupation, we’re often very much in the dark when it comes to their needs, values, habits, personality and mindset. In this session, we will look into how publicly accessible Social Media data teamed up with artificial intelligence allows you to create a marketing strategy based on audience insights far beyond demographic and socioeconomic factors.

Our Speaker: Wesley Mathew Head of Marketing UKI at Meltwater

Wesley Mathew heads up marketing for Meltwater’s UKI operations. He holds a Master’s Degree in Media and has 10+ years’ industry experience. Beyond his work as a marketer, Wesley has an extensive background in public health communication, working alongside institutions such as Johns Hopkins Centre for Communication Programs and the World Health Organisation, to bring about positive social change in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This session first aired at DMEXCO 2020

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