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The Data-Driven PR Playbook

Image of a speaker addressing a seated crowd, for the Data-Driven PR Playbook.

In PR and communications, guesswork doesn’t work anymore. The days of relying on your instinct to plan PR strategies are long gone — it’s time to start making smarter decisions based on hard data. But where do you start? 

We created The Data-Driven PR Playbook to show you how data can be used at every point across the spectrum of PR and comms activity to make better-informed decisions, get stronger results, and conclusively prove the value of your work to stakeholders.

The playbook covers: 

  • How data can boost media engagement
  • Using data to safeguard your reputation
  • Smarter audience segmentation with data
  • Measuring and reporting on PR ROI
  • Questions to ask vendors

Download The Data-Driven PR Playbook and learn how data can take your comms strategies to new levels of effectiveness.

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