Crisis Communication during Corona

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The corona virus has affected our entire society. Many companies are facing both business and communication decisions that are not easy to make right now. In this on-demand webinar video you’ll learn tips from crisis communication expert, Hampus Knutsson, on how to act and effectively communicate around the topic of COVID-19.

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About the video

Leaning on his extensive experience in crisis communication, Hampus Knutsson offers insight into how to effectively handle this unusual situation. During Meltwater’s interactive webinar, guests who listened live also had the opportunity to ask Hampus questions, so you’ll also benefit from peer discussions.

About Hampus Knutsson

Hampus Knutsson Portrait round

Hampus started at Prime in 2007. Prior to this, he was the Public Relations Officer for McDonald’s in Sweden and CCO for the media group, Stampen, during one of the largest corporate reconstruction in Sweden.

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