Crisis Communication in Practice

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In this video with Marcus Hartmann, you will learn more about crisis communications and crisis management.

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About the webinar

By preparing your organization for the fact that crises can actually occur, you can better lay the groundwork for better crisis management. In this webinar, you will learn more about crisis communications in practice and how you can turn a crisis into a communicative success. An expert in crisis management and communications, Marcus worked as Press Manager for Teracom during the 2016 sabotage of Häglared telecom tower outside Borås.

This webinar will teach you

  • Do's and Dont's during a media crisis
  • How you can transform a crisis into a communicative success
  • Media management
  • Proactive outreach

About Marcus Hartmann

Marcus Hartmann Portrait

Marcus has extensive experience in communications, having held positions as a staff manager in the Swedish Government Offices and as a press manager in the telecommunications sector. Marcus has extensive know-how and experience in crisis communications, Public Affairs, PR, and media management. In this webinar, he shares his best advice and experience in crisis management.

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