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Birdseye Report: #Foodies on Twitter

A man eating take out from a paper cone against a bright orange background.

Think you know foodies? Think again! Inflation and supply chain disruptions have changed how food-lovers eat, and they’re exploring this new world together on Twitter. 

Birdseye Report: #Foodies on Twitter, a new report by Meltwater, has the lowdown on today’s online foodie communities and where they are heading.

Based on insights sourced from Meltwater’s social intelligence platform and Twitter data, this report explores:

  • Who is active on #foodie Twitter today
  • The most-discussed foodie topics 
  • #Foodie Twitter’s overlap with other communities 
  • How marketers and brands can connect with food-loving audiences

Foodies come to Twitter to share inspiration, recommendations, and mouth-watering food photos with one another. Download this report to learn how marketers and brands can pull a seat up to the table.

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