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Birdseye Report: Industry Deep Dive | Sports

The image has a female soccer player bouncing a soccer ball off of her knee. This image is the cover of the "Birdseye Report: Industry Deep Dive on Sports" outlining the biggest social trends in sports..

What's driving today's sports trends? In partnership with Twitter, we analyzed over 500+ million Tweets to identify the key trends that are inspiring change and disrupting the status quo in the sports industry. The Birdseye Report: Industry Deep Dive | Sports outlines three key trends:

  • Why the sports world is embracing cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • How the growth of esports & new technology is changing the game
  • What the sports industry is doing to address DE&I

Sports brands, teams, and organizations can use these insights to improve forecasting, strengthen marketing and PR strategies, identify valuable new partnership opportunities, and reach a wider consumer base. 

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