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MarTech Summit Hong Kong 2022 Meltwater Keynote: Optimising the Digital Consumer Journey through the use of Social Data

Optimising the Digital Consumer Journey through Social data

Social media has become so much more than a place to connect with friends. Social media has become a place of discovery for its users, a channel of purchase, a place to be influenced. Companies can learn what consumers are chatting about regarding their new products, services, and brands; get direct feedback from others about their experiences; and review, all in the same space.

Join us for our keynote session at the MarTech Summit Hong Kong 2022 to learn more about:

  • Traditional vs. Current Customer Journey
  • How to use social data to help us understand customers better
  • Why companies going global need understand their audience at a localised level
  • The importance of using social data to drive actionable insights for your business strategy

Tip: Watch our free on-demand webinar about The Creator Economy & the Art of Building Brand Communities, download our free Insight Brief Report: Hello Hong Kong, take a look at Hong Kong social media statistics, and check out the top Hong Kong Instagram Influencers.

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