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2024 Consumer Insights: Healthcare

Two healthcare professionals, one in blue scrubs and the other in a white lab coat, look at two tablets together in this image for Meltwater's 2024 Consumer Insights: Healthcare report.

A deep dive into the data behind top industry concerns

From boosting brand reputation to fighting false information, healthcare and pharma marketers face unique challenges that only social, media, and consumer intelligence can solve. 

This report shows you the data behind top challenges, along with strategies for overcoming them. 

What’s inside:

  • Consumer insights into how people talk about finding care and what it means for reputation management strategies.
  • A data-driven analysis of how HCPs and other communities are discussing healthcare and AI online.
  • Media and social intelligence on the state of medical misinformation and how to fight it.

Download 2024 Consumer Insights: Healthcare and see how to gain an edge in today’s ever-shifting industry.

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