The Ultimate Social Media Audit Guide

5-step social media health check

It’s easy for any organization to lose sight of how its owned social media channels are performing, and even easier to lose track of how consumers are discussing your brand and products in their own social channels. Every now and then it’s good to take stock and analyze all of this, which is why performing a Social Media Audit can provide you with meaningful insight that can help you make better informed decisions.

In this eBook you’ll learn why a Social Media Audit makes good business sense and get some practical advice for performing an effective and accurate audit.See what’s inside our new Social Media Audit Guide:

  • Get a comprehensive view of which social channels your brand is utilizing
  • examine the processes involved when creating social posts
  • Review the results of your social media goals to determine the success of your brand
  • Prepare a side-by-side analysis of your brand paired with competitors
  • Pull all of the pieces together to provide a report summary of your audit analysis

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