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World Vision

As a much-loved household name charity doing good work around the globe, World Vision Australia needs to be able to respond quickly to emerging crises. It also plays a critical role providing credible information to the Australian public and media from “on the ground”. To do that effectively, World Vision Australia needs an outstanding communications tool that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


“One of our key roles is helping connect the Australian community to global issues,” said Head of Communications, Peter Taylor.
“They know that when there’s a crisis or an emergency, World Vision is a voice that provides information straight from the source. In doing so we help open the eyes of Australians to what’s going on in the world and show them how they can play a part. Earned media is a key way World Vision connects with Australians.”

Peter said Meltwater’s media monitoring product has become an important part of the daily operation not just for the communications team, but for the World Vision team as a whole.

“The first thing our staff hear from World Vision each day is a morning news bulletin that the media team produces,” he said. “It’s normally in email inboxes by 7.30am. We use Meltwater to source the content, to make sure we’re all across the key stories that played out in the previous 24 hours.

“In times of emergency, we have media team members working around the clock, so we’re relying on Meltwater to provide us with updates as soon as the story lands.” 

Peter said perhaps the most important service Meltwater’s media monitoring provides is to help provide a guide to sentiment and general interest in any story, topic or crisis.

“Meltwater provides us with a pulse check on what Australians are talking about and helps us look at how we can best tap into it,” he said.

“By putting an immediate track on topics as they emerge, we can demonstrate how rapidly the Australian media is running with a story and quickly get our spokespeople out there to keep Australians informed about the situation.”

Peter Taylor, Head of Communications, World Vision Australia

The Solution

For a 24/7 global organisation like World Vision, having 24/7 online chat support from Meltwater is a key advantage, Peter said.

“There are always real people on the line to talk to, and they’re really good to us,” Peter said. “We could have an international emergency unfolding at 3am on a Saturday and the Meltwater chat team can help get our tracking set up while the rest of Australia is sleeping.

“They’ll help us get information, pool data, pull reports, create shareable clips—regardless of whether it’s a public holiday, or the middle of the night. For me, the online team is an absolute stand-out.”

Meltwater helps World Vision Australia to:

- Track and monitor crises around the world

- Refine their media engagement and communications strategy

- Keep their global team informed about key issues and crises daily

- Measure sentiment and provide reporting for decision-makers.