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Reboot Online

Agencies that drive results for their clients know there’s no one roadmap to success. Connecting with modern audiences calls for bold moves powered by data. That’s why digital PR agency Reboot Online uses research and data-led experimentation to get their clients noticed. The agency’s team of data scientists, creative strategists, performance pros, and outreach experts dive deep to craft innovative campaigns and strategies for each one of its wide range of clients. Reboot relies on the data-rich Meltwater Suite to fuel that innovation, getting more done in less time.

Meltwater lets Reboot:

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Boost research efficiency by 25%

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Optimize and prove ROI for clients

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Streamline media outreach and relations

“Meltwater not only provided a consolidated solution for our needs, but also supported us with in-depth media and competitor analysis. Meltwater has proven really beneficial when researching potential new clients for pitch documents. This gives Reboot an upper hand over other agencies.”

Hollie Tanker, Traditional PR Manager, Reboot

Uncovering insights that win new business

Reboot uses in-depth research and insights to build pitches that wow prospects. But while its team has endless creativity and expertise, it doesn’t have endless amounts of time. The digital PR agency uses Meltwater’s social listening and media intelligence solutions to slash the time it takes to get from data to strategic insights so it can efficiently win new clients.

First, Meltwater’s breadth and depth of data — including unlimited searches across TV, radio, print, 15 social channels, 270,000 global news sources, and more than 25,000 podcasts — gives Reboot access to vast sets of audience and market information its competitors lack. 

That advantage is especially valuable when the agency pitches B2B companies, whose niches can require extra effort and resources to research. “Meltwater really allowed us to cut through the noise and discover what media impact has been in the desired sector. It's been really helpful across the board in existing clients and new ones,” says Traditional PR Manager Hollie Tanker.

When it comes to zeroing in on the contours of media coverage, Meltwater’s AI-powered features, like content clusters and visual analytics, save Reboot’s experts valuable time. Instead of manually sifting through articles and social media posts, they can quickly connect the dots between narratives and messaging catching fire, as well as the journalists, publications, and influencers driving them.

Finally, Meltwater's competitive intelligence capabilities, like share of voice and audience engagement benchmarking, let Reboot demonstrate in-depth knowledge about prospects and their market and industry positioning. “We actually managed to get new clients by using Meltwater to help us with analyzing competitors and their social channels,” says Head of Digital PR Helena Maniglia. “We got the client, and we are now doing a campaign.”

Since implementing Meltwater, Reboot has gained 25% efficiency in its overall research and pitching process, helping drive an increase in new business. With data-driven strategies that continue into the client partnership, Meltwater helps Reboot boost its ROI for its clients.

Driving success for each and every client

So how does an award-winning marketing agency craft tailored strategies and campaigns for a wide range of clients? Reboot does it at scale with the help of Meltwater’s media intelligence suite. For example, take the agency’s recent client campaign around Sober October, a month-long abstention from alcohol similar to Dry January. Meltwater’s time-saving search features, like filters and custom categories, let the Reboot team cut through oceans of media mentions to find the coverage that could best inform their approach.

“Meltwater allowed us to be really precise when searching for highly relevant news stories around Sober October, which was really helpful in terms of cutting down time, making sure we were going to the right journalists, and not annoying journalists by going to the wrong one,” Tanker says. Plus, with the media intelligence solution’s historical media data going back to 2009, the Reboot team is able to track coverage trends to identify when and how to approach journalists at media publications with a proven interest in the topic. “We needed to see results quite early on for Sober October, and Meltwater just gave us that edge over anybody else who might be selling any similar stories.”

While the campaign was underway, the agency’s moves were backed by data that they could easily show off with the help of Meltwater’s shareable dashboards and analytic charts. At-a-glance insights gave the clients an added sense of certainty as Reboot worked its magic. Those and other features let the agency efficiently and confidently create a Sober October PR campaign that caught journalists’ attention, generated media coverage, and boosted the client’s search visibility.

With Meltwater, Reboot can execute this level of customized strategizing for every one of its clients, even as its business grows.

Reporting that proves results

As Reboot drives success for its clients, it uses Meltwater to prove it. “We want to show off our success as an agency and, when it comes to traditional PR, success isn't a blanket term,” Tanker explains. “Reporting needs to be really accurate and bespoke each time to reflect the client's unique goals.”

Along with comprehensive PR reporting — tracking everything from sentiment and reach to media exposure, social echo, and advertising value equivalency — features like custom scoring allow Reboot to structure their reports around their clients. With them, the agency can generate reports that prove their value with a click. 

Data combined with transparency help to strengthen each one of Reboot’s client partnerships. And just as Reboot helps businesses break through in today’s attention economy, Meltwater helps the agency break through the data noise to connect with clients and audiences alike.

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As an agency that leads with data innovation, Reboot uses Meltwater to deliver high-quality campaigns and strategies as it grows. Schedule a demo to see how the Meltwater Suite can drive success for you.