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Amnesty International

Amnesty International, in addition to raising awareness for global campaigns, makes sure the rights of every single person in Australia are protected. They maintain a local focus on the human rights abuses of Indigenous people, refugees, and asylum seekers, to name a few, while continuing to work on many other critical policy areas. As an advocacy organisation, Amnesty International relies on effective communication. When it comes to human rights, change is a slow and difficult process that requires passion and sustained attention over many years. It requires driving brand awareness and creating affinity to attract, engage and retain supporters and donors over time.

Meltwater Enables Amnesty International To

Facilitate collaboration by bringing their communications activities together in one platform

Easily manage social media channels, influencer engagement and report on earned media success

Provide real-time campaign analysis and generate business insight with live dashboards

The Challenge

On the ground, Amnesty International Australia had eight people working in their brand and communications team, using multiple communications channels with different tools. They wanted one platform to maximise the efforts of their staff and increase efficiency and collaboration. 

They were looking for a product that would allow all of the teams to work together on planning, producing, and evaluating what they are doing across several different touchpoints. Their goal is to inspire local action and generate donations, so they needed to make a coordinated effort. 

Amnesty International Australia needed a platform that could:

  • Help identify influencers who are aligned on values and analyse their effectiveness
  • Provide real-time media monitoring and reporting on their campaigns
  • Publish content and social updates across different channels
  • Allow for seamless, cross-collaboration between teams
  • Find and engage with relevant journalists
Angela Ngu Headshot

"When it comes to voices on social media, we have strict criteria for who we work with. We need to know that their values are aligned with us and they care about those messages. They must have an audience that resonates with that message or human rights issues. Meltwater allows us to take a data-led approach to the partner vetting process."

Angela Ngu, Brand Associate - Amnesty International

The Solution

Meltwater gave Amnesty International Australia exactly what they were looking for, with each team benefiting in different ways from the platform.

One team is focused on nurturing current supporters, another focuses on media outreach, and a third leads efforts to reach new supporters. Meltwater’s suite of products gives each area the tools it needs, from media monitoring to managing an owned social media calendar, and it simplifies collaboration and workflows. 

Media Lead Danielle Veldre said having a shared platform has improved the overall effectiveness of each group and has allowed them to streamline their operations. 

“It means that media work can be baked into all the campaign plans. It’s not an add-on at the end but part of advocacy and changing opinions on particular issues and campaigning,” Danielle said.

Meltwater’s platform replaced tools that used to come from different vendors. For instance, Danielle used to have separate platforms for media monitoring and for searching a journalist database. Now she can do everything within Meltwater, including building media outreach.

Story & Content Associate Adrianna Connelly said a move to produce all their content in house has made it more important than ever to have tools like Engage that the whole team can use. Amnesty International Australia used to rely on international content but now publishes local content every day which needs to be distributed across digital and email channels – and attract the interest of Australian journalists. 

“I have to share insights with all of our key stakeholders across different campaigns every week,” Adrianna said. 

“It’s very easy for me to use the Meltwater platform live or in advance to show real-time insights. We can filter by different metrics, depending on the campaign objective or what the supporting content was meant to do.”