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This Valentine’s Day We Love Self-Love: Top Diverse Influencers We Love

Elise Yu

Feb 14, 2024

It’s no secret, one of our favorite things about influencer marketing is the role this channel has played in upending antiquated standards of beauty and paving the way for inclusive representation. There are many reasons for this, but a primary one is that Millenial and Gen-Z social media users are extremely value-driven.

What does this mean? We’ve spoken before about value-based influencer marketing and the importance of brands incorporating diverse partnerships into their strategy. TL;DR, 71% of consumers prefer to purchase from a brand that supports their brand values, meaning it is extremely important that brands are able to convey their values through marketing initiatives. As many consumers believe in the importance of diversity, it’s critical for brands to partner with many different types of influencers.

And, diversity does not just imply racial diversity. It means establishing partnerships that represent gender, age, body, and physical diversity. The effects of such inclusive representation are monumental. Not only does it convey that there is not just one way to be beautiful, but creates a narrative that everyone is deserving of praise, attention, respect, and love.

So, this Valentine’s day we are celebrating influencers who share the message of loving the skin you’re in!

5 Diverse Influencers We Love

1. @malleyinlove

Ashley and Malori are a lesbian, plus-size couple influencer account who together makeup @mailleyinlove, an Instagram account dedicated to sharing their relationship journey. The couple believes in the importance of showing their relationship to destigmatize LGBT+ love and offer visibility for young children coming to terms with their sexuality. Additionally, as two fashion lovers, they snap great shots in fun outfits, 100% proving that being plus-size and being fashionable are not mutually exclusive. 

Past Collabs: ZOLA, Lane Bryant, and Clarks

2. @miahhcarter

I know there is something very old about saying, “kids have it easy these days.” And, with a global pandemic and global warming, I’m not sure if it’s true. But, they definitely are more woke and have great content creators like Miah Carter, a body positivity advocate whose content is sure to bring a smile to your face. From make-up tutorials to videos about loving yourself a little more, her content authentically sprinkled with all of the important messages that brands should convey to their clients.

Past Collabs: prettylittlethings, boohoo, Fashion Nova

3. @jammi.dodger

Jammi Raines is a trans-man who is not afraid to open up online. He represents one of those special types of YouTubers who are able to connect with their audience on a deep and personal level due to their blunt honesty. He shares deeply personal videos about his journey, which helps to shed light on the trans experience and offers guidance for those looking for advice. 

Past Collabs: Bio-Oil, Cetaphil, Dove Men

4. @showtimewarner

The word impressive doesn’t do Chelsea Warner justice. At birth, she was diagnosed with down syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that not only causes intellectual disability but decreased muscle tone. However, Chelsea “proved her doctors wrong”, and went on to become a 4X Special Olympic Champion and 2X World Champion gymnast. Her story is so inspiring, and she has become an extremely important advocate for disabled adults.

Past Collabs: aerie, Teen Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger

5. @baddiewinkle

Helen, aka Baddie Winkle, is living proof that “age ain’t nothin’ but a number.” Her Instagram bio reads Stealing Ur Man Since 1928. It’s kinda all you need to know, she is the type of queen that makes you snap your fingers and scream, “yas!” 

Past Collabs: MTN Dew, Capital One, Happy Socks

Have You Got The Love?

Are you loving everything you’ve just seen, and ready to share some positive vibes with diverse influencer collaborations? Perfection! Schedule a call with one of our influencer marketing experts and learn how to identify influencers that support your brand values.