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Meltwater won seven awards from G2. Here two badges displaying the awards for Best Marketing Products and Best Software are featured in the center of the image with text above that reads, "2022 Best Software Awards".

Meltwater Celebrates G2 Best Software Awards Wins

Ann-Derrick Gaillot

Mar 14, 2022

Have you heard the news? Meltwater earned multiple distinctions at G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards earlier this year! Along with being named one of the top 10 Best Marketing and Digital Advertising products, we were also featured as a Best Software Product, Highest Satisfaction Product, Best Global Seller, and Best Product for Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Small Businesses. 

That’s seven (seven!) distinctions in total. And most importantly to us, they are based on thousands of authentic reviews from real users. With that, thank you to all of the Meltwater users that have shared reviews and comments on G2. Here’s what some of you had to say:

  • “We use Meltwater for EVERYTHING! Newswire distribution, social media, and more recently all-media tracking.”
  • “Meltwater's omnichannel listening is the best out there. To be able to search across ALL channels (including Reddit) for mentions is incredible.”
  • “Meltwater has all the information that we need, when we need it. If something is missing, we have a direct contact to reach out to and they always respond and add our new sources same day.”
  • “Meltwater has been great to work with for both their social analytics as well as their ability to connect with media across the globe, giving our office the reach we are looking for.”
  • “The user experience is so good, it's intuitive, and working with social listening is easy for everyone includ[ing] people without experience in data.”
  • “I appreciate that the platform is constantly evolving. I've used it for nearly two years, now, and in that time, new features that I've both requested, and didn't know I wanted, have been added that have improved the platform.”

We’re proud to rate high in the features that matter most to marketing and PR professionals: Social Media Analytics, Social Media Monitoring, Media Monitoring, Social Media Management, PR Analytics, Social Media Suites, and Media and Influencer Targeting. And as the pioneer in media intelligence and the only all-in-one solution for PR and social media, Meltwater is committed to keeping user feedback at the heart of what we do as we keep growing and improving.

Are you a Meltwater user who wants to share your review? Tell us about your experience directly on G2. New to Meltwater and want to check out the excellence behind the hype? We have a demo with your name on it. Request one today.