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But I Have Nothing to Share: The Clueless Marketer’s Guide to Repurposing Content

Hannah Curran

Mar 16, 2020

Is there any simpler pleasure than finding a forgotten $20 bill in the pocket of last winter’s coat? Although occasionally it may seem like there’s nothing to post, sometimes the perfect piece of social media content (like that cute sweater you packed away) is already in your collection.

Tip: We have written a full guide to repurposing content that will give you even more information on this topic.

Repurposing Content

Taking a look at your content with fresh eyes and dusting off previously produced content can help you reach new audiences while making the most of your efforts. So say, “As if!” to writer’s block and start dressing up previously produced content using these Clueless-inspired tips.

Tell an Old Story in a New Medium

Just as students have learning styles, different platforms and users gravitate towards different mediums. Try transforming a written story into an infographic or audio story (and vice versa) until the possibilities are exhausted. Have a great how-to video? Write the instructions out and make that into an infographic, list, or deck. Have a fantastic SlideShare about a product? Use the language as a script for a Facebook Live video. Remember that great webinar you hosted? Even if registration was off the charts and the turnout successful, not all interested people will be able to attend or watch the replay. Write a quick recap that can double as a blog post. Repurpose content until it’s been optimized for every possible medium; refining language and tone as necessary.

repurposing content

Share, Share, and Share Again

 Think you should only post a story or blog post once on a social media? Think again. Why put so much time and energy into something you’ll only use once? Different times of day and different audiences open the door to totally different audiences. If you originally posted a story on Facebook in the morning, share it on Twitter in the evening, or LinkedIn at lunch. Be sure to distribute each post 2-3 times within the week of original publication (depending on the subject matter) to extend the lifespan of the piece. You can even use this to cross-promote your social channels by redirecting followers to the other posts (“Love our latest blog post? Head over to our Facebook page to check out the live video.”) To get it right, make sure that posts make sense and are appropriately targeting, so as to avoid alienating your audience.

repurposing content

Make Statistics Your Content Superstars

Make statistics your content superstars. Did you know that more that 80% of marketers wish they could better evergreen their content? No, this is not a verified number, but it goes to show that nothing grabs a reader’s attention like a compelling statistic. Use media intelligence and social media analytics to conduct research, then comb through your results to find the most interesting numbers. Round up findings into an infographic and then break up data tidbits into individual social media posts, such as Twitter cards, Facebook images, a Pinterest board, or Instagram posts. Use the statistics as a jumping off-point or supporting data for a case study, whitepaper, or LinkedIn post.

repurposing content

Dive Deep

Sometimes stories are hidden in plain sight. What is it that makes your company tick? Does your organization have a great origin story? What is your brand mission or philosophy? Are there interesting characters or even office dogs that contribute to the overall culture of your team? Take a look at the people you see every day but through a storytelling lens. Create an online archive by interviewing seasoned employees in a podcast, video, or blog post. Encourage coworkers to share photos of past events or current key moments and leverage that user-generated content for social media.

repurposing content

Always be on the lookout for topical opportunities to share content. Is it #NationalBossDay? Share that old profile of your CEO. Do you have a great infographic about how to select a Halloween costume? Be sure to schedule it around the last week of October. Although social media holidays may seem silly, they are an easy way to jog your memory and reshare content relevant to a trending conversation. Capitalize on opportunities to trendjack by monitoring hashtags and conversations important to your industry.

So next time you think you have nothing to wear (or share), don’t pull a Cher Horwitz. Try mixing, matching, and repurposing content to outfit your communications with winning posts appropriate for every—and any–occasion.

repurposing content