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Infographic: Supercharge Your Marketing with Statistics

Jack Flynn

Mar 5, 2020

Marketing statistics have an instant—and powerful—impact. They allow you to tell an expansive story in the smallest of spaces through easily consumable data. That's why they're an essential tool in the modern marketing and PR pros toolbox. Crafting data-centric brand stories are within your reach, start with using this handy infographic as a guide.

How do you captivate and appeal to an audience with an elusive attention span?

Supercharge your marketing with statistics and you’ll grab them with take-notice data! 

This infographic unpacks how to use metrics and data in a powerful way and harness the full strength of your marketing materials. Magnify the impact of your messages by adding statistics with authority. As PR and marketing pros, tapping into that extra bit of gravitas could be what is needed to break through the static to be heard. 

Places to find great marketing statistics include:

  • Statista is one of the world’s largest statistics portals. It provides access to relevant data from over 18,000 sources.
  • Market Force works with brands to create custom predictive models for both soft metrics (like overall satisfaction or Net Promoter Score) and hard financial KPI’s like same store comparable sales or revenue per available room.
  • Economics & Statistics Administration from the United States Department of Commerce provides ongoing statistics on macroeconomic indicators like Advance Report on Durable Goods Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories, and Orders and Homeownership Rate.
  • Pew Research Center tracks public opinions on U.S. National Conditions, Political Attitudes, and Domestic Issues. They emphasize key national, political, economic and demographic trends over time and use regularly updated charts.
  • Surveys created using Google Consumer SurveysPolldaddyQualtricsSurvata, and SurveyMonkey
  • And of course, Meltwater for analytics related to your brand, your competition, and your industry. 
Marketing statistics infographic