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Outperform your competitors by benchmarking your performance against their PR, SEO, and social media activities using Meltwater’s all-in-one media intelligence platform.

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Why Is a Competitor Analysis Platform Critical to Your Business?

In order to outperform the competition, you need a competitor analysis solution that can help you understand the competitive landscape and your audience. 

  • 90% of Fortune 500 companies practice competitive intelligence. (McKinsey)
  • 72% of business leaders say that their organizations will be vulnerable to market disruptions as technology makes it easier for new entrants to enter the market, meaning there is always a new competitor to keep an eye on. (Harvard Business Review)
  • On average, 88% of the data companies have is unused, leaving businesses without critical insights on their internal operations — as well as competitors. (Forrester Newsroom)

How Meltwater Can Help You Collect Competitive Intelligence

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Analyzing the Competitor Landscape

Identify Your Competitors
Pinpoint the major players in your industry and use media monitoring to determine what brands resonate with your target audience, and why.

Conduct Market Research
Use our Audience Insights reports to analyze customer segments and find hyper-targeted groups, including your competitor’s customers and their behaviors and consumer habits.

Monitor Industry Trends
Keep track of the latest trends in your market and spot new trends by monitoring the news, social media, online forums, etc.

Understand Your Share of Voice
Measure the percentage of the market that you and your competitors own based on share of voice — and analyze the sentiment of those conversations.

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Build a Strategy Based on Data

Create Marketing Positioning Strategies
Our competitive data gives you the ability to view your competitor’s search and referral traffic, ad spending, website traffic, app downloads, as well as other benchmarking metrics.

Gauge Customer Sentiment 
Find out how your audience perceives your brand in relation to competing entities in your industry —  and identify opportunities to strengthen your brand perception. 

Highlight Your Brand’s Strengths
Gain insight into what consumers love about your brand and use these as a starting point for new media strategies, tactics, and campaigns.

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Learn from Your Competitors

Monitor the Conversation
Use our social and media monitoring platform to research and monitor over 200 billion conversations, with unlimited ad-hoc searches and powerful analytics at your fingertips.

Benchmark Social Media Accounts
Compare your social media profile’s performance against your social media competitors’ handles and industry peers with our new Competitive Benchmarking templates.

Maintain Your Brand’s Reputation
Respond to product and service mentions first, get ahead of an impending crisis, join the relevant conversations, and get custom scoring to see the quality of PR coverage you’re getting. 

Get Real-Time Alerts 
Our AI-powered analytics provide you with alerts the instant something of strategic importance happens at the companies you are monitoring. Plus, our daily, weekly or monthly newsletters around your competitors, industry or brand can also keep your team informed.

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Measure Your Results

Conduct Social Performance Analysis
Get unprecedented insights into your performance compared to similar brands — with social competitor reports that scan data from podcasts, popular social networking sites, and chat applications.

Media Intelligence Reporting
Meltwater Display changes data into insight and allows you to view metrics from across your ecosystem, including those of competitors, in relation to your brand. 

Inform Your Boardroom
Download or email the dashboards and reports you create around your competitors with stakeholders internally and externally.

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Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist

"Every two weeks we use Meltwater to review what our competitors are doing both nationally and worldwide. We can see if they launched a special promotion and discover if we had any share of voice within this digital domain. These and other indicators help us decide whether to launch a campaign in response."

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Kartrionae Madondo-Ossai, Digital and Strategy Director

"Learning new things and staying ahead of the game is key in the advertising industry. Meltwater has allowed Ogilvy to not only keep updated with trends, but also to create them, establishing Ogilvy as a thought leader in a dynamic, competitive industry."

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Hazel Tan, Marketing and PR Executive

"So many of our fans look to [Instagram] for fashion inspiration and it's important that we have stellar content to match their expectations. We often look at our competitors' top engaged posts to see what content is working for them and see how we can weave that into our planning."

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