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APIs & Data

At Meltwater, we believe that data shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. When you blend data from your own applications or third-party BI systems with media data, you can uncover insights that benefit all sides of your organisation. With a Meltwater API, users can extract, contextualise, organise and integrate information from across the web and gain a 360 overview of your business and its eco-system. Let our team of API experts show you how.

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Graphic illustration of the Meltwater API

Meltwater API

Specifically designed for enterprise-level analytics, Meltwater's streaming and export API can be connected to all popular business intelligence apps including Microsoft Power BI, Looker Studio and Domo. We're no stranger to building out-of-the-box platforms. Whether you're looking to advance analytics by blending internal and external data, or to visually display data in a custom command center dashboard, Meltwater's team of API experts will work with you to create or configure a solution for your KPI reporting needs. 

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Industry-Leading Content Scope

Smart AI crawling enables us to track millions of media data sets, every hour, every day. In fact, Meltwater users benefit from leveraging the world’s largest corpus of news and social media data sources. We're talking 1.3 trillion media documents from 10 million content sources including open web data, social channels, Wordpress and many more, in 17 NLP languages. This truly global media scope enables Meltwater users to extract the most from the world’s data.

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Measuring What Matters

Executives use Meltwater API to:

  • Identify aggregate trends in real-time
  • Understand brand performance
  • Analyse key movements and influencers in the market
  • Generate a greater analytical understanding of their customers 

"First, it gives us the reach, engagement and sentiment data that we're looking for, above and beyond our own channels. We're not just interested in understanding how our own posts perform, we want to know what the larger conversation looks like. Second, with the automation, we are able to automatically pull data into our own internal dashboards, which is incredibly valuable from a time perspective."

Katie Miller - Program Manager, The Cloud Developer Relations Team at Google

Our API makes it simple for you to:

Build customised solutions

We get it, sometimes off-the-shelf products just don't offer the malleability that your business requires and you need an alternative. With our API, you have ultimate control over how, where, and over what time period you receive media analytics. Whether you want to see raw volume or specifics, the choice is yours. Just loop Meltwater into your desired endpoint and get access to the industry's largest media source base, associated metadata and historical archives.

Connect the dots between data types

Lack of visibility can break a company. Our API users are fully aware of their surroundings by connecting the dots between data types. Beyond brand management, online news and social data can be used to create competitive advantages through supply chain risk mitigation, optimising processes, improving the customer experience, spotting trends, and more.

Visualise all business functions from one centralised analytics platform

Meltwater understands that Enterprises need a unified reporting solution that has the ability to show one source of truth – a single and unified view of all business functions. With our API you can mine data from social and the web, without building anything yourself. Rest easy, knowing you can compare apples with apples and increase business efficiency with Meltwater.

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Commercial Applications

If you are an ISV, building applications for commercial sale or use, our APIs deliver the data needed to power your software from a range of sources. Enriched in advance, Meltwater ensures your products are stable and delivered with unparalleled data access and up-time.

Find out why and how over 30,000 companies filter Meltwater's media monitoring insights into their strategies. Get in touch today.

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Lauren Hackett - Senior Vice President Global Communications, The Economist

Lauren Hackett - Senior Vice President Global Communications, The Economist

"One of the biggest challenges we had was putting that all together into a comprehensive, insightful presentation that would allow us to really have a clear picture of where we are across the board, also a deeper dive into the insights from there. Previously we had numbers, but we didn't know what was behind the numbers."

Nate Haken - Programs Director, Fund For Peace

Nate Haken - Programs Director, Fund For Peace

"We produce an annual assessment called the Fragile States Index, which appears in Foreign Policy magazine. We spend a massive amount of time scanning millions of articles and extracting Excel spreadsheets. We were thrilled to know Meltwater could take our 8000-plus Boolean search strings and upload them into their platform. Meltwater streamlines our research process, saving us valuable time."

Lauren Hiznay - Account Manager, Goodman Media

Lauren Hiznay - Account Manager, Goodman Media

"Meltwater gives us the resources of a big agency while still allowing us to be the nimble and creative and quick-adapting team that we are."

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