Social Listening

Research and monitor billions of social conversations to gain insights related to consumer sentiment, brand health, and your competition.

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Ad-Hoc Research

Social media is the world’s largest focus group, and our platform allows you to instantly research any topic to help you understand what is driving the social conversation. Search and filter through over a year’s worth of results instantly to uncover valuable consumer insights. Your searches can be saved with a single click.

Monitor Social Mentions

By monitoring consumer sentiment and industry trends, you can adjust your brand positioning or track any competitive intrusion. With our advanced keyword monitoring capabilities, you gain access to insightful analytics, trends, and potential influencers.

Curious about how this can help you?

Mailchimp Uses Meltwater to Power its Social Media Strategy

In this case study we hear from Jason Maldonado, Senior Manager of Social Media at Mailchimp explains how his team uses Meltwater to identify trends and themes that inform the company’s content strategy. He also discusses how Meltwater automates much of the company’s social media activity, enabling him to focus on more valuable, strategic work.

Track Brand Reputation

By harnessing the real-time voice of the customer, social media can inform your campaign themes, provide input into product development or assist in crisis communications—saving you time and money.

Consumer Segmentation

Savvy marketers want to understand how to reach the right audience with a relevant message effectively. Enrich your media buying and content strategy with demographics, interests, and behavioral data to launch an informed social media campaign.

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