Consumer & Audience Insights

Get rich insights into the different segments and communities talking about your brand across social media, as well as the content and influencers that inspire them.

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Audience Segmentation

Understand the different groups talking about your brand online. Uncover what excites your target markets with insights into their interests, demographics, and consumer behaviors, powered by IBM Watson.

Influencer Discovery

Different people motivate different groups. Find out which influencers resonate with your communities, and understand just how impactful those influencers are. Pinpoint your influencer marketing strategy by moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Audience-centric Social Listening

Market research is expensive and time-consuming. Once you understand who makes up your different audience groups, you can monitor all conversations they engage in to better grasp what they like, what they talk about, and how to market to them more effectively.

Targeted Content Strategy

Finding the right message that appeals to different segments of your audience can be difficult. By being able to parse the content shared on social media by each of these communities, you can find out what resonates and craft your own content accordingly.

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