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Digital PR & Social Insights (in Dutch)

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Watch this free on-demand webinar where the agency Hibou talks about Digital PR & Social Insights. Hibou is one of the leading PR agencies in The Netherlands and specialized in setting up PR strategies based on insights from social data analyses. 

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The following topics are covered by the webinar:

  • The most important developments in the PR-world
  • Recent digital PR trends
  • Social Insights as a starting point for influencing
  • Translating insights to strategy, campaigns and PR
  • Two customer cases
  • The future of PR

About our speakers

Speaker 1: Aniek Schmal

Aniek Schmal Portrait

From 2008, Aniek has specialized in social insights and digital strategies. She has witnessed the emergence of online word of mouth influencing up close. Companies are not sufficiently aware of how much valuable information they can extract from this. Her personal drive is: converting detailed insights into concrete strategies and actions.

Speaker 2: Matthijs Rutten

Matthijs Rutten Portrait

In 2010, Matthijs co-founded Mediatic, a well-known Amsterdam agency in content marketing. Here he found out that he lacked a strategic foundation for his advice. In the office world, placements and campaigns are often based on assumptions and thin reasoning. That is where the idea for Hibou originated: build and develop PR strategies on proven methods.

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