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Swedish On-demand Webinar: Digital Communications of the Future

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In this video, Simon Beyer, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer for Ingager, dives into digital transition and the new opportunities this creates for businesses such as helping them to reach new customers.

This webinar will teach you:

  • What digital transition entails
  • Opportunities, challenges, and risks should organizations have on their radar
  • Key macro- and micro factors linked to digital transition that impacts anyone working in communications and marketing
  • The importance of understanding and adapting to shifts in user behaviour to create relevant digital communications.

Discover how Meltwater helps PR and marketing teams monitor media coverage across both news and social media and enhance brand management.

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About Simon Beyer

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Simon is Partner and Chief Strategy Officer for Ingager, an agency that helps some of the world's largest brands with their digital business concerns. In 2018 and 2019 Simon was named one of the most popular presenters in Sweden and frequently discusses the field of digital transformation.

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