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Understanding the Impact of Web3 on the Future of Marketing

The Impact of Web3 on Marketing Webinar

With new technology fast arriving, we look to what the future holds for marketers across the region. Since it was announced that Facebook was changing their name to Meta, it is clear that the next generation of the internet (Web3), is officially here. This disruptive tech has arrived, but where are the opportunities? In this session, we delve into how Web3 will impact our marketing strategies in the future, alongside the tactics involved in building online communities in new digital channels.

Join Lisa Teh (Co-Founder of CODI Agency and Mooning) for this free webinar where we'll explore:

- Exclusive insights into new ways that users are consuming and interacting with social media

- What exactly is Web3, and what it means for your marketing strategy

- How we can understand and engage with these new communities

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