On-demand Webinar: How to succeed in influencer marketing

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Want to learn more about using influencers to grow your company's presence on social media and increase sales? Then look no further!

In this on-demand webinar, Caroline Lennefors walks through key factors to ensure your influencer campaign drives strong ROI. Using Malmö Tourism as a case study, Caroline details how the company changed its way of working, how they found influencers to collaborate with and the results they saw.

You'll learn:

  • How to identify relevant influencers for your campaigns
  • How to connect with the right audience
  • How to analyze the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns

Meltwater offers an end-to-end Influencer Marketing platform to support and optimize your social influencer strategy.

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About Caroline Lennefors

Caroline - Malmö Turism

As PR Project Manager for Malmö Tourism, Caroline Lennefors is responsible for the company's press relations and influencer collaborations. Among other projects, Caroline managed Malmö Tourism's influencer campaign: "Make it Malmö", which focused on sustainability and positioning Malmö through the use of influencers.

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