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2023 Industry Snapshot: Sports

A collage of athletes playing football, hockey, baseball, and other sports, for Meltwater's 2023 Industry Snapshot: Sports.

The world is more digitally-interconnected than ever. For the sports industry, this means that fans have more avenues than ever to interact with the leagues, teams, and athletic events that captivate them. The 2023 Industry Snapshot: Sports — a new report by Meltwater — is a data-driven overview of the captivating industry.

We used the Meltwater suite of social and media intelligence solutions to give brands and marketers a data-driven look at rising sports industry topics and trends.

The 2023 Industry Snapshot: Sports is your guide to

  • The most-discussed sports topics and trends
  • Top sports entities with cross-cultural appeal
  • The fantasy sports and sports betting boom
  • New opportunities for marketers and brands

Download this report for critical industry insights to keep on hand for your sports-focused initiatives and campaigns. Plus, learn more about how Meltwater’s data-rich suite of social media and PR solutions gives marketers a competitive edge.

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