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Reach Gen Z Through Social Media

Do you want to know how to find, engage, and grow a devoted audience of Gen Z fans across digital channels and turn these fans into brand obsessives? Gen Z, or Zoomers, are the generation which came after millennials – today’s young adults who grew up immersed in social media and the digital world, and who are now joining the workforce and becoming economically active.

This Ask HBR webinar, sponsored by Meltwater, features Sara Wilson, a leading digital strategist with a wealth of experience in social, and founder of SW Projects. In this session Sara explains what makes Gen Z different from previous generations, and digs into strategies brands can use to engage with this group.

The webinar covers topics including:

  • Why “digital campfires” are the new online meeting places
  • How the pandemic changed digital consumption
  • Engaging multi-generational audiences

Tip: Learn more about millennial cringe: What it is, who's talking about it, and what it tells marketers.

Sara Wilson

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