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On-Demand Webinar: How PR Can Prove its Impact on Sales

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When it comes to the critical conversations in any business, money talks and even the best in the PR industry need to demonstrate how they amplify returns. It isn’t always easy considering PR pros are now intimately involved in so many facets of business - and face 2 common realities that often get in the way:

But data holds the answers. That’s why prioritizing measurement is key to effectively demonstrating the impact of your work in the changing PR landscape.

Top PR teams know how to impact the bottom line

In light of this, we invited Nadav Avidan, Director of Brand & Communications (North America) at AppsFlyer to join our team in tackling how each of us can amplify the brands we work with - and demonstrate real business results. Watch this on-demand Meltwater webinar, where we’ll explore practical changes that you can make to showcase value, immediately.

What to expect

We dig deeply into some of the game-changing tools and under-the-radar metrics, beyond sales, that move the business needle. Oftentimes, the path to the best answers is asking the right questions – and we get into that, too. Plus, we explore use cases that demonstrate how this works in daily PR and use our interactive webinar platform to get your most burning questions answered.

Guest Speakers:

Nadav Avidan

Director of Brand & Communications (North America) at AppsFlyer

Nadav Avidan portrait

Nadav is an internationally recognized leader in public relations and crisis and reputation management. In the past decade, Nadav has worked with a broad range of companies to achieve significant impacts on KPIs within B2C and B2B industries, as well as high-profile individuals. Nadav has also served as a mentor and keynote speaker for Google Campus, MassChallenge, Jolt, WizePRO, and others. Currently, he is Director of Brand and Communications for AppsFlyer, the world's leading measurement platform for marketers.

Alice Hogg

Account Executive, Americas at Meltwater

Alice Hogg portrait

Alice Hogg is a skilled professional with 10 years of experience in the PR, Media & Marketing industry. Originally from the UK, her career has spanned Europe, Asia, and now North America, where she calls New York home. Prior to joining Meltwater 6 years ago, she amassed experience agency-side working with global clients across the FMCG, education & financial sectors. Currently part of Meltwater’s Strategic Accounts team, she helps clients realize their strategic measurement goals by tackling the question of how to prove PR & social value across organisations.

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